Learn how your organziation compares to relevant peers and obtain reliable metrics for making decisions

FOX conducts the only comprehensive benchmarking in the industry with separate studies for single family offices and multi-family offices.

FOX pioneered family office benchmarking, with the first study fielded in 1991, in order to give family office executives insights into how others were approaching the structure and service offering of their office and to provide reliable cost and compensation figures.

The data is invaluable in establishing compensation norms and understanding cost structures.

All participants will receive access to a comprehensive readout of benchmarking results.

Single Family Office Benchmarking

Single family offices who participate will receive valuable comparative data related to family office oversight, complexity, cost, sustainability, ownership, engagement, and governance.

Wealth Advisor Benchmarking

Multi-family office and wealth advisors who participate will receive valuable comparative data related to profitability, growth, pricing, talent, and productivity.

FOX Global Investment Survey

The annual FOX Global Investment Survey provides in-depth insights about how family offices are investing.