The FOX Team and Areas of Expertise

Sara Hamilton, Founder and CEO

Sara Hamilton - Family Office Exchange

Founder and CEO of Family Office Exchange, Sara is a recognized visionary in the private wealth community. While a trust officer at Harris Bank in Chicago in the late 1980s, Sara witnessed the emergence of family wealth management as an industry. Hundreds of U.S. families became centi-millionaires overnight through leveraged buyouts that spawned private financial offices commonly called family offices, to manage family assets and educate wealth owners. Sara was the first professional to recognize family offices as a complex market segment in wealth management.

Areas of Expertise: Enterprise Families, Governance

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Bill Sullivan, President

Bill Sullivan - Family Office Exchange

Bill Sullivan is the president of Family Office Exchange (FOX). He is a thought leader who understands the role that disruption and innovation will play in transforming our industry. He leads FOX in helping members to understand and plan for future transitions in the family enterprise, the family business, and the family office.

Areas of Expertise: Enterprise Families, Disruption, and Innovation

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Glen W. Johnson, Chief Operating Officer

Glen Johnson is Chief Operating Officer at Family Office Exchange (FOX). In this role, he is responsible for all aspects of the member experience, ensuring that each family member, family office executive, and trusted advisor has an unsurpassed experience partnering with FOX by providing unique industry knowledge and insights coupled with a safe and confidential environment where members can share best practices. In addition, Glen oversees the operations of FOX and is charged with establishing and executing systems to execute FOX’s strategic plan, promoting it’s vision and service-centric culture, and enabling the FOX team to work together to exceed our member’s expectations.

Areas of Expertise: Business Owners, Business Transition, Wealth Advisors

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Miguel López de Silanes, Market Leader, Europe and Latin America

Miguel López de Silanes - Family Office Exchange

Miguel López de Silanes Gómez is the market leader for Europe and Latin America at Family Office Exchange (FOX). He is responsible for delivering FOX services to current members, and also actively works to expand the network in Europe and Latin America. His base is in Madrid, but he spends half of his time in Latin America. 

Areas of Expertise: Enterprise Families, International Trends

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Maarten de Groot, Co-Chair, FOX Global Institute for Enterprise Families

Maarten de Groot - Family Office Exchange

Maarten de Groot is the CEO of single family office Eligius and he is Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidate at Vrije University Amsterdam, School of Business and Economics; focussing his research on family capital, family governance and wealth preservation. His research considers the role of the family office and the complexities of non-financial considerations of ultra-high net worth enterprise families, leading to impact and wealth preservation. He pursues this line of inquiry through qualitative and quantitative empirical studies, reaching out to his global network of ultra-high net worth families.

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Karen Rush, Managing Director, Membership

Karen Rush - Family Office Exchange

Karen Rush is managing director of the family office and wealth advisor markets for Family Office Exchange (FOX).  Karen works with family and advisor members to understand their objectives, providing guidance to help address their needs through the resources available at FOX. She also co-chairs FOX Advisor Councils and assists in the development of new and enhanced service offerings for members. Formerly the events manager, she was responsible for planning all external FOX events, including forums, workshops and regional events.

Areas of Expertise: Industry Trends, Advisor Strategies, Family Office Compensation

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Ann Dugan, Senior Managing Director, Advisory Services

Ann Dugan - Family Office Exchange

Ann Dugan is the senior managing director of Advisory and Educational Services leading the FOX team in the delivery of services to substantial family enterprises and family offices striving to achieve long-term sustainability and multi-generational success.  

Areas of Expertise: Enterprise Families, Family Business

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Mindy Kalinowski Earley, CMP, CFBA, Chief Learning Officer

Mindy Earley - Family Office Exchange

Mindy Earley is an education and family office professional who believes that empowerment and knowledge are key to living a purpose-driven and self-actualized life. She is inspired by helping people learn, grow and discover the way that they will make personal and productive contributions, using their strengths and talents.

Area of Expertise: Family Learning

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Charles B. Grace, III, Managing Director

Charlie Grace - Family Office Exchange

Charles B. Grace, III is a managing director at Family Office Exchange (FOX). In his role, he works on Advisory and Educational Services projects for families and family offices as well as advisor clients. Assignments have included projects focused on strategic planning, family office and family enterprise design, family governance, selection of investment or wealth advisors, best practices, and benchmarking, among others. On the membership side of the FOX business, Charlie works on select relationships and develops and delivers content using deep subject matter expertise.  

Areas of Expertise: Strategic Planning, Family Office Best Practices

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Gaby Griffin, Market Leader, Business Owners and Family Office Executives

Gaby Griffin is the Market Leader for Business Owners and Family Office Executives at FOX. In her role, Gaby leads the overall Family Office Council experience and manages multiple councils. She provides members the opportunities to learn from and share ideas with highly accomplished and hard-to-find peers in a confidential environment. No matter what hat she’s wearing, her goal is simple – to create value for families by providing objective guidance and timely relevant information in order to make informed decisions. Gaby takes a very personalized approach to her relationship management practice and has built client and advisory relationships that span over two decades. She also serves as a member of the FOX leadership team.

Areas of Expertise: Business Owners, Business Transition, Family Governance, Wealth Advisors

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Heather Abramson, Regional Director, Membership - West

Heather Asher Abramson - Family Office Exchange

Heather Abramson is the regional director of membership for Family Office Exchange (FOX). Heather has three major roles at FOX. First, she provides a variety of member services and supports the specific needs for family business-owning members. Secondly, Heather is a member of the FOX member development team and assesses the needs of prospective FOX members by helping them achieve their goals.  Heather also runs FOX’s Rising Gen Community, which is designed to provide next generation family members an opportunity to learn, share experiences, and develop skills as future leaders.

Areas of Expertise: Rising Gen, Business Owner Trends

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Ruth Easterling, Managing Director, Member Services

Ruth Easterling - Family Office Exchange

Ruth Easterling is managing director of member services for Family Office Exchange (FOX). In her role, she works with family and advisor members to understand their objectives and provides guidance to help address their unique needs through the resources available at FOX. Ruth also moderates the Private Trust Company Network and works with the team at FOX to develop programming and insights for the Network. Ruth has held multiple roles at FOX including leading FOX member services, supervising the delivery of learning programs, and overseeing marketing to drive the redesign and brand initiatives that differentiate FOX today.

Area of Expertise: Family Office Best Practices

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David F. Toth, Managing Director

David Toth - Family Office Exchange

David Toth is a managing director at FOX. In his role, he constructs actionable insights and strategic analyses for family offices and wealth management advisor members. He developed a pathway of initiatives that assist family offices and wealth advisors in building pricing strategies, elevating client experience, talent management strategies and optimizing team structure, and achieving profitable growth. David has authored a number of reports including our recently published study on the “Transformation of the Ultra-Wealth Business.” David serves as co-moderator of FOX’s Multi-Family Office (MFO), Integrated Wealth Advisor (IWAC) Councils, and the Strategic CIO Council (SCIOC).

Areas of Expertise: Industry Trends, Advisor Strategies

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Kathy Bayert, Director, Program Design

Kathy Bayert - Family Office Exchange

Kathy Bayert is the director of program design for Family Office Exchange (FOX).  In her role, she leads program design and content development for the FOX suite of learning programs. With her deep expertise in developing learning programs, Kathy partners closely with FOX subject matter experts and members to design leading-edge and relevant programs, identifying emerging trends within the industry, and creating content to help inform, engage, and activate FOX members. 

Area of Expertise: Family Learning

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Vincent Hayes, Managing Director, Member Development

Vincent Hayes - Family Office Exchange

Vincent Hayes is the managing director of member development at Family Office Exchange (FOX). Vincent serves as the ambassador for FOX in reaching out to new members, promoting the networking and education benefits that come with FOX membership. He helps prospective members find ways to solve the challenges they face in running their family enterprises using resources available within FOX and its membership community. 

Areas of Expertise: Direct Investing, Business Owner Trends

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Sandra Ditore, Regional Director, Membership - East

Sandra Ditore - Family Office Exchange

Sandra Ditore is regional director of membership for the East Region at Family Office Exchange (FOX).  In her role, Ms. Ditore is responsible for identifying prospective family and advisor members, assessing their needs and priorities, and ensuring they have a deep understanding of the benefits of FOX membership. In addition to new member acquisitions, Sandra is responsible for identifying and securing sponsorship for FOX forums and educational workshops. She is based in the New York City office. 

Area of Expertise: Industry Trends

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Tim Duffy, Esq., General Counsel

Tim Duffy is the General Counsel and Interim Direct Investment Manager at FOX. In his role, he is responsible for overseeing FOX’s legal affairs and advises the company on a wide range of legal and business issues.

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Tony Gebely, Chief Technology and Integration Officer

Tony Gebely - Family Office Exchange

Tony Gebely is the Chief Technology and Integration Officer at FOX with 13 years of experience in the field. At FOX, Tony has worked with senior management to develop and execute the firm's technology roadmap while collaborating with the marketing, business development and IT teams.

Areas of Expertise: Technology, Cybersecurity

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