Introducing FOX

Find answers about sustaining the family enterprise and assuring the well-being of family members into the future. 


Power of the Network​​​

Founded in 1989, the FOX community now includes over 380 family groups from 20 countries. This community of family members, family office executives, and trusted advisors was created as a way to make it easier for each member to fulfill their responsibilities to the families they serve. By having access to others like themselves, members gain insights into how other families are operating, what issues they are facing, and how they achieve their solutions. 

Definition of an “Enterprise Family”

By “enterprise family,” we mean a family that owns businesses, real estate, financial assets, and active philanthropic endeavors. They may or may not have a family office, but they have reached a level of success, and therefore complexity, that demands planning and implementation of best practices for efficiency, control, and peace of mind. 


Insightful Guidance

Over the past 30 years, we have assembled a staff of 15 subject matter experts who work directly with our members. Dedicated Member Advisors (MAs) become familiar with every member’s goals. To help them reach their goals, the MAs make connections between members and arrange access to appropriate information. Areas of expertise include: transition planning, legacy education and planning, operations, compliance and tax planning, governance and communication, investment strategy and advisor selection, and technology. 


Stay Up-to-Date on Key Issues

We maintain an extensive online library of articles, papers, podcasts, and videos which provide substantial information on most topics of concern to enterprising families. Whatever project you undertake, the FOX Knowledge Center is the place to start to understand the options you should be considering. We continuously add new materials to the Knowledge Center and offer24 webinars a year on emerging topics as well as fundamental education. Over 200 recorded webinars are available on the website.


Live FOX Learning Events Bring Together Community and Learning

The full power of the FOX community is evident at our live events combining member networking and top quality programming to support learning. Members have a wide-array of options including six Forums each year, six Network meetings, ten different peer Councils, and four single topic workshops. The depth of our experience and expertise takes center stage to guide professional development of our members. 


A Unique, Objective Environment

We are a member-supported organization, providing impartial, non-commercial peer groups. FOX meetings foster a secure, confidential environment where members can talk freely. Members are confident of the quality, sincerity, and commitment of fellow members. No one is there to sell you anything. Outside experts who speak are selected for their knowledge and communication skills, not for a fee they pay for access to the audience.

More than 85% of FOX family members renew each year which is a testament to their satisfaction with the environment and the guidance they experience.


The Role of Advisors

Advisors are part of the community so they can learn about the needs of the families they serve. Families and advisors usually meet separately, and when they are together at FOX meetings, advisors are there learning, under a strict non-solicitation policy. The advisors who are members of the FOX community are carefully screened to ensure that they are at the top of their profession and provide family members with a point of comparison to their current advisors.

The FOX Membership Experience

FOX provides a community for networking, objective guidance, and continuous learning.
Gain from the collective intelligence gathered over 30 years.