About the Directory

How is this directory different from the rest?

A trusted resource

The FOX website is a trusted resource for some of the world’s wealthiest families, who are among the more than 10,000 site visitors per month. In addition to the directory, the FOX website offers an in-depth collection of educational material on all matters related to managing family wealth.

An exclusive listing

There are only four ways to be included in the FOX Advisor Directory. Those who are listed must be one or more of these:

  1. A FOX member
  2. An advisor recommended by a FOX member
  3. Invited by FOX to participate
  4. Qualified by FOX as a Leading Wealth Advisor

Please note: All non-member firms that pass the required screening or meet other requirements for participation have the opportunity to accept a free basic profile or to purchase an enhanced profile. All member firms listed are given an enhanced profile as a benefit of membership.

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