Arimilli Consulting, Inc.

Arimilli Consulting provides nationwide retained executive search services to family offices, wealth management firms and private foundations. We specialize in the placement of senior and C-level talent in Investments, Finance and Accounting, Management and Operations, and Business Development and Client Advisory functional areas.
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A Little About Us

Arimilli Consulting provides retained executive search services to single family offices, multi-family offices, and investment management and advisory firms regionally and nationally. It's founder, Sree Arimilli has over 19 years of experience working with clients to identify exceptional talent in these sectors.

At Arimilli Consulting, we thrive on getting to know you. We engage you and key stakeholders during client discovery to understand your organizational DNA, the values you embrace, and your vision of an ideal employee. To do this we begin with a comprehensive, intuitive, and iterative process – asking meaningful questions and listening closely to your responses, distilling them to their essence. With this knowledge we are better able to identify and attract the candidates you desire.

What We Do

While serving your family office, investment office, wealth management firm, foundation or operating business, Arimilli Consulting, Inc. understands the importance of listening. While the qualities you seek in a trusted executive may be similar to those of other organizations, we realize the combination of values and experience you seek is unique and exclusive to your needs.

Our customized process highlights one of our greatest strengths: understanding relationship dynamics within families and management teams. We ask meaningful questions and listen closely to your family and key stakeholders, distilling the conversation to capture the essence of your organization and its needs. With this knowledge we are better able to identify and attract candidates who are most aligned to your family or organization.

It’s a comprehensive, intuitive, and highly iterative process that allows us to provide thoughtful guidance tailored to the nuances of your search. Then we utilize a Values-Based Recruiting process to identify and present credentialed candidates from our extensive national network.

From initial setup through growth and succession, Arimilli Consulting is here for you. We bring our insider’s insight of recruiting as it relates to your industry, the highest levels of confidentiality, and our sincere desire for a successful outcome to each engagement.

Typical Client

Single Family Offices or MFO/Wealth Management Firms located in the U.S. Also, selectively work with clients in Europe, Australia and Asia.

The choice to retain an executive search professional is often a personal one, and it’s why we also need to be aligned in our values.

If you believe that honest and open dialogue fuels collaboration and that trust is the pathway to partnership, then it sounds as if we might be a good fit – let’s find out. It all starts with a conversation.

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This information provided by Arimilli Consulting, Inc.

See the Glossary for definitions of these metrics.

This information provided by Arimilli Consulting, Inc.


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Sree Arimilli


201 Mission Street, 12th Floor
San Francisco  California  94105
United States


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