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ACG is a premier investment consulting firm focused exclusively on providing comprehensive and conflict-free investment expertise. We partner with our clients to develop, implement, and monitor sophisticated investment programs customized to each family's unique profile.
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This information provided by Asset Consulting Group

Who We Are

Asset Consulting Group, LLC (ACG) is a third-party investment consultant that provides premier investment expertise to families and family offices. Our sole focus is providing investment advice; we do not sell any other products or services. Our practice spans over 100 clients nationwide with assets valued at over $150 billion. We have 49 full-time employees, all located at our single office in St. Louis, Missouri.

What We Do

We partner with families to design, implement and monitor strategic investment programs that are aligned with their values and mission. We help them navigate through the ever-changing and evolving investment landscape and we guide them through the many complex and challenging financial issues they face. We represent families in all aspects of their investment program, including: determining optimal asset allocation and structure, implementing a diversified investment program, assessing new investment opportunities, obtaining access to investment strategies that may not otherwise be accessible, negotiating fees and terms, educating and informing family members, providing ongoing investment portfolio oversight, and educating.

What's Special About Us?

We work with a limited number of families and we dedicate experienced, senior team members to collaborate with each of them. We place importance on educating family members on timely and relevant investment topics, and we have a particular strength in translating the complexities of the investment markets to facilitate well-informed decision-making. We have a strong expertise in both the traditional and the alternative asset classes, including Real Estate, Private Equity, and ESG investing. Our tenure in the business and meaningful assets under advisement provides knowledge, leverage and scale that benefits each of our clients.

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This information provided by Asset Consulting Group

What is your firm's investment philosophy?: 

We believe that it is crucial for every multi-generation family to have a sophisticated, disciplined and comprehensive investment program in place, and that preserving and enhancing wealth requires a strategic investment plan with clearly defined goals, objectives and risk controls.

What are your firm's mission,vision and values?: 

Our mission is to focus exclusively on providing conflict-free investment expertise to a select group of clients. We have built an inclusive organization that encourages and supports each of our team members to grow professionally and personally, and we foster a culture of giving back.

How would you describe your ideal client?: 

Our services are geared toward multi-generation families who are willing to make a commitment to establishing a strategic, diversified investment program. We serve families with investable assets of $50 million to $5 billion. The ideal consultant/client relationship is collaborative and works as a partnership.

What are the top three characteristics that distinguish your firm the most from your competitors?: 

Size. We are unique in that we offer the depth and resources of a large organization combined with the highly-customized investment advice of a smaller firm. We have intentionally managed our growth to ensure that each client has access to our tenured, experienced professionals.

Stability. Over 70% of our employees have been at ACG for over 5 years, over half have been with us for more than 10 years, and our management team has an average tenure of 24 years at the firm. Continuity translates to a strong, solid team that delivers consistent investment recommendations and insights.

Depth. Our team has a broad background and diverse experience, including investment management, tax planning, banking, real estate and private equity. We have 20 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholders, which we believe reflects our commitment to our business. We share our expertise by continually educating and informing our clients to help them make well-informed investment decisions.

How do you approach risk analysis for your clients?: 

Defining, managing and measuring risk is key to any successful investment program. We work closely with each client to develop appropriate risk controls, and we quantify and monitor adherence to risk measures utilizing our customized modeling tool.

What are the credentials and qualifications of your firm management and staff?: 

Our team has extensive industry experience and expertise and is well credentialed. Our Managing Directors have an average tenure of 24 years at ACG and 30 years in the business, and our team includes 24 CFA charterholders, 1 JD, 1 CPA, and 10 MBAs. Several of our employees have earned two or more professional designations.

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This information provided by Asset Consulting Group


Year Firm Established: 
Year Wealth Advisory Services Established: 
Type of Firm: 
Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)


As of date: 
Friday, December 31, 2021
Assets Under Advisement (Mil): 
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Primary Generations Served: 
Total Employees: 
Number of Investment Professionals: 
Average Clients Per Client Team : 
Frequency of Financial Reporting: 

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Dan Tarlas
Managing Director


231 South Bemiston Ave, 14th Floor
St. Louis  Missouri  63105
United States


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