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Lisa D. Ryan, LLC, (LDR) provides executive retained search and consulting services to family offices/family enterprises and wealth management firms nationwide. Lisa has a distinguished, 20-year track record of assessing culture fit resulting in long-term placements. She is certified in administering multiple behavioral assessments. Her firm offers deep expertise, results, flexibility and a commitment to confidentiality. LDR is committed to complete alignment of client and consultant more
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This information provided by Lisa D. Ryan, LLC

Company Overview

We offer executive retained search and other human resource consulting services to family offices, family foundations, family enterprises and wealth advisors – from talent acquisition through talent management. Working with family enterprises and wealth management firms since 1998, Lisa has a distinguished track record of successfully placing executives for the long term. Lisa is supported by a team of researchers who have approximately 20 years of experience in the retainer-based executive search business.

Over the last two decades, Lisa has conducted over 50 executive-retained searches for family enterprises and wealth advisory firms through several boutique recruiting firms.  Lisa has a 98% executive fill rate and 85% of the executives placed since 2001 continue to thrive in those positions.  

Lisa is known for her ability to accurately evaluate client/candidate compatibility and the culture fit beyond knowledge, skills and experience.  She understands other compelling client needs to align talent with the overall business strategy.  Lisa personally handles every step of the project from inception through completion, sustains a reputation for confidentiality and is certified in administering and interpreting the DISC PIAV assessment, the Hogan assessment and the Leadership Versatility Index.

Lisa is committed to aligning client and consultant interests and to tailoring services specifically to client needs. To align interests, Lisa D. Ryan, LLC offers the following:

  • A flat-fee option

  • Deferral of a percentage of the fee until project completion

  • A pledge to continue the assignment until reaching a satisfactory conclusion


Our Services

In 2018, LISA D. RYAN, LLC launched to provide human resource consulting services to family offices, family foundations and the wealth advisors that serve these organizations. While recruiting executives for these organizations over a 20-year period, Lisa realized that many of the family enterprises or boutique wealth advisors did not have a dedicated human resource professional, and at times, they had human resource needs outside of executive recruiting. With a deep understanding of these organizations, Lisa formed LISA D. RYAN, LLC to recruit exceptional executives and to develop and optimize existing talent to enhance organizational performance and attain goals.

LISA D. RYAN, LLC is unique in providing talent management through talent acquisition services to this market segment and in their commitment to aligning consultant and client interests. Additionally, Lisa is certified in the DISC/PIAV, the Hogan Assessment and the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI). The insights gained from the assessments can be helpful in candidate on-boarding, promoting successful integration, enhancing communication, developing executives and reviewing performance. These tools can help promote high performance and alignment between organizational talent and the overall business strategy.

See the Glossary for definitions of these metrics.

This information provided by Lisa D. Ryan, LLC

See the Glossary for definitions of these metrics.

This information provided by Lisa D. Ryan, LLC


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Friday, January 4, 2019
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Lisa D. Ryan
Principal / Managing Member


2132 W. Evergreen
Chicago  Illinois  60622
United States


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