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Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE) is a policyholder-owned insurer dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for responsible high net worth individuals and families. We differentiate by offering an unrivaled service experience, alignment of interests with members, and average savings of more than 25%.
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This information provided by PURE Group of Insurance Companies

Who We Are

Privilege Underwriters Inc. (PUI), a member of the Tokio Marine Group of Companies, was founded in 2006 and is the holding company for the PURE Group and related entities. PUI and its subsidiaries provide capital support and operational services to the policyholder-owned entity, PURE.

PURE is dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for responsible high net worth families, providing customizable coverage for high-value homes, automobiles, jewelry, art, personal liability, watercraft, flood, fraud and cyber fraud. In return for a fee, PURE Risk Management LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PUI, serves as Attorney-in-Fact for PURE. The PURE Group's low cost of capital, careful member selection and proactive risk management all contribute to highly competitive rates and a Financial Strength Rating of "A (Excellent)" from A.M. Best Company, Inc. Today, PURE's membership includes around 100,000 families from across the U.S.

We are honored to be recognized with industry awards, including Best High Net Worth Insurance Company by Private Asset Management for the third consecutive year and Best Insurance Underwriter by The Family Wealth Report for the fifth consecutive year. www.pureinsurance.com

Our Capabilities

When you become a PURE member, you join a very select group of responsible, financially successful families who own extraordinary homes and other high-value assets. A more responsible membership means fewer claims, which leads to lower premiums. PURE provides insurance coverage throughout the U.S. for high-value homes, automobiles, jewelry, art, personal liability, watercraft, flood, fraud and cyber fraud.


Additionally, we offer a team of Member Advocates® who provide concierge-level assistance. Member Advocates® are your reliable and compassionate partner before, during and after a claim. For example, they’ll help you locate a vendor to install an automatic water shut-off system, set an appointment with a fine art expert to appraise your collection of paintings, and much more. At the time of a claim, they’ll take on the administrative tasks, like finding rental cars or alternative housing, and provide you with a single point of contact for support. Once your claim is resolved, they’ll help you implement solutions designed to prevent similar losses from recurring in the future.


As a PURE member, you also have access to a team of experienced in-house art professionals who provide a comprehensive suite of services to help you enhance the value of your collection, prevent deterioration and ensure its legacy is fully protected.


Coverage for high-risk homes is provided through PURE Programs. www.pureprograms.com

Typical Client

We serve smart, sophisticated people who want to know where their money is going, how prices are set, and how PURE is being managed. PURE’s member-owned model means that the interests of our membership are not at odds with delivering returns to disinterested shareholders. We focus on doing what’s right for the membership and are able to deliver excellent service while saving them an average of 20% per year. Whether they are business owners, entrepreneurs, financiers, corporate executives, or other professionals, they are bonded by a track record of responsibility.

See the Glossary for definitions of these metrics.

This information provided by PURE Group of Insurance Companies

What core services do you provide for your average client profile?: 

Property & casualty insurance for high net worth individuals backed by consultative risk management and exceptional service.

What are your firm's mission,vision and values?: 

PURE PURPOSE: We make our members smarter, safer and more resilient so they can pursue their passions with greater confidence. PURE PRINCIPLES: 1. Practice Membercentricity. Seize every opportunity to create an exceptional member experience and reinforce an alignment of interests with the membership. 2. Use Empathy, Creativity, And Urgency To Be Exceptional. Favor action over unnecessary bureaucracy. Put yourself in their shoes, asking “How?” instead of justifying “Why not?”. Take risks that don’t compromise our values or threaten the enterprise, and learn from mistakes. 3. Do The Right Thing. Never compromise integrity or transparency for the sake of a shortcut. Make the membership, your team members, and our partners proud. 4. Be a Team Player. The One Who Is There When Needed the Most. Emphasize collaboration, active listening, and respectful communication. Be proactive and give constructive feedback and receive it earnestly. Work toward the common goal of making our company the best it can be. 5. Be Obsessed With Getting Better. Think big. Invest in yourself to enhance your expertise and create a better you. Seek out and advocate ways to create a better company, a better industry, and a better community. 6. Have Fun. Bring passion to everything you do. Create joy for others around you.

How are your client teams structured to deliver services to their clients?: 

We partner with an elite network of independent brokers.

How would you describe your ideal client?: 

Highly responsible individual or family with significant assets to protect, inclusive of at least one home insured for $1M or more.

What are the top three characteristics that distinguish your firm the most from your competitors?: 

1. Unique member-owned reciprocal model that creates alignment of interests 2. Significant savings afforded by our lower cost of capital, careful member selection, and member-centric approach to pricing. 3. Uncompromising service that includes PURE Member Advocates, licensed adjusters (not call center reps) receiving claims, and better technology.

What communication methods have you used with your clients?: 

PURE offers an online member portal for members and their advisors.  The member portal provides access to policy information, billing, risk management advice, access to PURE Home Spotlight, claims notes and access to the concierge services provided by PURE's Member Advocates. 

PURE shares information about how members can manage risk before, during and after a catastrophic weather event via the PURE Situation Room.  This site www.puresituationroom.com sends emails to members and their brokers should their home be in harms way.

What formal and informal client education programs does your company provide?: 

We can cover any topic related to risk affecting high net worth individuals.

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This information provided by PURE Group of Insurance Companies


Data as of: 
Thursday, October 22, 2020
Year Established: 

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Kelly Lora Ewart
Vice President of Strategic Relationships


44 South Broadway, Suite 301
White Plains  New York  10601
United States


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