Advisory Process

Our team uses a goals-based approach and draws on extensive client experience, FOX research, benchmarking data, and member best practices.

Our four-step process is tailored to your immediate situation and future needs.

1. Fact Finding

We start with a review of documents and interviews with family members, family office staff, and key advisors to gain insights about the family’s financial goals and objectives for the future and the complexities of the family’s needs.

2. Evaluation and Interpretation

During the evaluation and interpretation step we analyze the family’s situation and compare the family enterprise to industry best practices in the context of the family’s goals. We work with select family leaders to develop strategic objectives and create wealth sustaining models to assess alternatives.

3. Options and Recommendations

Our deliverables include a written report of options and recommendations that is delivered during an interactive dialogue where the goal is to prioritize actionable next steps and develop an implementation strategy.

4. Roadmap for the Future

The result is the finalization of a concrete plan for the future of the family enterprise that can be continually revisited, evaluated, and modified as the family evolves.

We’ve found that this process is applicable to the multitude of challenges families face, and can be tailored to address specific timing and deliverable needs as well as the goals of the family. Throughout the project we are imparting a quality process so families can execute the plan and make progress alone.