Work With Other Family Business Owners

Addressing the complex challenges of building family wealth in an operating business

A Select Group of Peers

A majority of FOX members own an operating business – either the enterprise that created the family wealth or one created by subsequent generations.

Unique Challenges

FOX helps families deal with the complexity of managing family wealth in addition to running an operating business. Some of these challenges include

  • Working with family members not involved in the business day to day
  • Separating the management of the family's wealth from the  management of the business for optimal value, confidentiality, and compliance
  • Preparing for a potential liquidity event—a multifaceted issue requiring insightful, long-range planning
  • Planning succession
  • Leveraging the expertise of other FOX families for commercial ties, investment partnership, or sharing of experience

Unique Solutions

To support members with operating businesses, FOX created the FOX Business Owners Council, a closely-matched peer group that meets formally twice a year to address their common challenges and interests. FOX also has a number of studies that address the needs of this group:

Family business topics frequently appear in our webinars and at FOX Fourms. Browse the Knowledge Center and upcoming Learning Events for topics of interest.

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