Best Practices: The Importance of an Integrated Technology Solution in Today’s Family Office

Date: Sep 24 2021

Alan Perl, Director of Business Development & Client Services


Rockit® Solutions combines its technology, personalized client team, and time-tested processes to provide a tailored service for family office professionals and advisors. Comprehensive information regarding your accounts, transactions, investment managers, cash income, and more is efficiently reviewed with flexible reporting and customized dashboards. Our secure and innovative platform ensures data integrity while preserving the privacy and confidentiality of your information. 


The family office technology landscape is undergoing a major transition. Specialty Assets such as Private Equity, Partnerships, Hedge Funds, Direct Investments and SPACs are becoming increasingly common. Services like taxation, bill-pay, bookkeeping, and bespoke reporting are now “must-haves”. Wealth owners have also grown increasingly sophisticated and, as a result, demand even more of their financial service providers. The popular emergence of new independent fintech companies (many created out of necessity) has clearly shown that there is a disconnect between financial institutions, their technology providers, and clients.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Pros & Cons:

While a robust marketplace for SaaS products does exist to provide these services, often times it is incumbent upon the family office staff to become subject matter experts on an ever-growing tech stack. Integration of different vendors and subsequent coordination between components takes a significant number of resources, and may require additional headcount (project managers, etc.).  Time and time again, we see that a functionality or feature that was a must-have for a third generation family member might not be relevant for a fifth generation family member (and vice versa).

SaaS Services and Requirements:

Fully understanding the need for a close relationship between vendor and family office, a dedicated relationship management team should be a key component of any offering from the inception of product and service implementations.  This white glove service element acts as an extension of the family office and facilitates onboarding, implementation, user training, and day to day activity.  Additionally, finding a platform that has the necessary flexibility and a professional staff could include the allowance for full outsourcing and co-sourcing, giving the family office the empowerment to do as much or as little as needed.  As the office grows and the needs of the family evolve, the technology solutions that are implemented needs to have the dexterity to keep pace with the extensive requirements and future needs of the family office and the families that they serve.


An ever changing market for family office technology requires innovative holistic solutions that have a proven track record with complex family offices around the world. Fully integrated technology platforms that can provide beneficial owners and their professional advisors a full suite of tools and services including areas such as data aggregation, reconciliation & data enrichment, investment & performance reporting, portfolio accounting, principal & income trust accounting, partnership accounting & tax services are no longer unattainable, but in fact should be standard requirements to be successful as a family office organization.