FOXCast CEO Series: Cultivating a Culture of Empathy and Partnership with Jeff Strese

FOXCast CEO Series: Cultivating a Culture of Empathy and Partnership with Jeff Strese

Aug 30, 2023

Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with our very own Jeff Strese, a human capital expert and executive coach focused on family-owned business leaders and senior wealth advisors. He works as consultant at FOX to develop transformational leadership programs and support our councils with thought leadership on human capital, generational transitions, and family dynamics. Jeff also teaches in the Executive Education program at SMU’s COX School of Business based in Dallas, TX.

In this podcast, Jeff shares his definition and scope of human capital and offers insights into why so many organizations struggle to understand and manage the unique challenges of finding, retaining, and growing talented professionals. He talks about the role and importance of culture in retaining and developing human capital and offers his views into how organizations can take a “diagnostic” approach to culture and human capital.

Jeff’s background is truly unique, combining several fields of people management expertise, including HR, organizational development, and family systems. He talks about how he integrates these distinct disciplines when working with leaders and advisors from SFOs and MFOs. The role of culture and the scope of people management in the family office space is uniquely expanded, compared to the regular corporate world, since traditional human resource topics and skillsets are often intermingled with family psychology and interpersonal dynamics that arise only when working with or supporting multigenerational families of wealth and their complex enterprises.

Finally, Jeff talks about some of the most important – and maybe neglected – skills and abilities that families and their advisors need to develop to best cultivate their human capital, both within the family and its family office and across its broader ecosystem of advisor firms. Jeff provides a practical overview of the tools and resources that exist today for families, family offices, and family wealth advisors to grow, enhance, and retain their human capital, while equipping the family and the family enterprise with the right mindset, education, and capabilities to succeed and flourish across generations.

Please enjoy this enlightening conversation with one of the experienced, connected, and well-liked human capital professionals the family learning and family wealth management space.