The Rising Generation’s Relationship with Money

Date: Oct 21 2020

Nathan Dungan, Founder and President, Share Save Spend®

Nathan Dungan thinks frequently and deeply about who and what is shaping our money habits and values. In fact, that will be the focus of his breakout session—The Rising Generations’ Relationship With Money—at next week’s FOX Family Forum.

This short video will give you a preview of how Nathan frames money issues in his work with the rising generation. Additionally, each participant who attends his breakout session will receive a practical tool-kit to help them immediately attend to their financial wellbeing.

Nathan Dungan is the founder and president of Share Save Spend®. For over 25 years, Nathan has been a thought leader in the area of helping individuals and families align their money decisions with their values. He is the author of three books, as well as numerous groundbreaking tools and resources for organizations, individuals, and families.

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