2019 FOX Foresight – What's on the Minds of Members

February 2019

FOX Foresight keeps members up to date on the latest thinking on matters that affect enterprise families. It summarizes what we have been learning from our members and our subject matter experts over the last year. Please share it broadly within your family, your office, and your advisors.

FOX Foresight is presented in 7 chapters:

  • Managing Family Enterprises in an Era of Uncertainty and Distrust
  • Surfacing Risks and Opportunities to Enhance the Enterprise
  • Approaching Personal and Physical Security With a Risk-Based Perspective
  • Investing in the Family Through a Family Learning Committee
  • Understanding the Voice of the Rising Gen
  • Forging a Direct Investment Path
  • Managing Complexity With a Private Trust Company Structure

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This document is available to FOX Members only.