The ABCs of the Family Office


If you think you may need a family office to manage your family’s wealth, this webinar will help you find out what a family office does and what it takes to start one, as well as an overview of family office technology needs. Come learn about the concepts and best practices that FOX has gathered in 27 years of working with financially successful families around the world. 
The FOX team addressed the basics that family members and family office executives need to understand before launching a new family office, or to make sure that their existing family office is operating as well as it can. Highlights will include:
  • Why and when to consider a family office
  • Common family office services and costs
  • Family office technology needs
  • Best practices identified over Family Office Exchange's nearly-three decades of experience serving the family wealth industry

Date Published: Thursday, April 21, 2016

This webinar recording is available to FOX members and is available for purchase by FOX Public Network Guests.