Building a Family Enterprise Plan to Deal With Future Uncertainty

June 2012

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Families that develop enterprise plans typically experience greater harmony, more clearly recognize threats to long-term goals, and do a better job of capitalizing on wealth enhancement opportunities. Conversely, those that do not, expose their wealth to further risk and broader disruption in the family enterprise.

This study features best practices and case studies of leading families from around the world, a revised and expanded FOX Risk Roadmap including a systemic risk overlay that reflects the implications of globalization for families, and insightful contributions from renowned experts.

Building on two previous FOX works in 2006 and 2009, this study is an invaluable tool in helping families to:

  • Execute a more impactful long-range strategic enterprise plan
  • Clearly and comprehensively recognize threats to long-term goals
  • Capitalize on wealth enhancement opportunities
  • Develop a more structured "game plan" for their long-term wealth sustainability

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