Resources for Dealing with the COVID-19 Crisis


Resources from our Advisor Community


CIO Insights 2020 Outlook Update: Finding the Right Policy Mix
Deutsche Bank Wealth Management
A slow economic recovery will continue, as governments and central banks search for the right policy mix amid the COVID-19 crisis. The policy will implicitly aim to manage many financial markets, but
Remote Work is Chance for Family Offices to Upgrade Technology Systems
The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted all types of businesses to run a magnifying glass over their processes and infrastructure to ensure continuity and viability. For family offices, it is an
Tax Strategies for Family Offices with Distressed Assets
As family offices evaluate their assets during the economic downturn, examining deductions and estate and trust planning can help form better strategies and objectives. In this Q&A
Social Equity Investing: From Ideas to Action
Cambridge Associates
Thought leaders and practitioners discuss key investment risks and opportunities through a social equity lens, and are joined by Judy Belk, president and CEO of The California Wellness Foundation,
Location, Location, Vaccination
Asset Consulting Group
The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated the move from traditional office environment to work-from-home for most American office workers. It is clear that a significant portion of workers will
The Emergence of the Virtual Family Office
COVID-19 has forced organizations of all kinds to consider what the future of their operations would look like in a post COVID-19 world. Family offices were no exception. Rapidly fading are the days
Surveying the Risk and Threat Landscape to Family Offices: Insights and Recommendations
Boston Private
The key to success of any risk management plan is the development of an “all risk” approach that takes the entire family enterprise into account. Through a survey of more than 200 family
Deglobalization Threatens the World Economy and Investors Alike
One of today’s dominant macro-trends is the reversal of globalization—the free flow of people, goods, services, capital, technology, and ideas across national borders. COVID-19 has
Rebalancing During a Time of Crisis: Any Different than Normal?
Asset Consulting Group
Global equities were hit hard during the first quarter of 2020, erasing most of 2019's gains. Credit-oriented fixed income was also hit, but to a lesser extent, while U.S. Treasury bonds perfored
Combating Technology Challenges Within Your Family Office
The rising criticality of information security at every level has made security a core necessity for most organizations, with many companies concerned about the risks related to a remote workforce.