Resources for Dealing with the COVID-19 Crisis


Resources from our Advisor Community


Five Approaches to Keep Customers and Employees Safe When Reopening
Schiff Hardin
As businesses and customer-facing companies consider best practices for reopening under the COVID-19 environment, they should develop a thoughtful plan to reduce the chance of exposure to the virus.
Strengthening Family Communication and Education
Abbot Downing
For most families, a large part of multigenerational success hinges on how they approach challenges—some beyond their control—and create opportunities. In these unprecedented times of
The Psychology of Wealth in Taxing Times
BKD CPAs & Advisors
Effectively adapting to adjustments in economic culture and wealth is often difficult and requires families to balance past tradition with the need to move forward. Internationally-recognized family
2020 Shareholder Meeting Agenda
U.S. Capital markets are facing pressures from significant societal shifts as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the globe. For boards and stakeholders charged with governance
Digital Transformation in the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Era
If there were any lingering doubts about the necessity of digital transformation to business longevity, the coronavirus has silenced them. With rare exception, operating digitally is the only way to
Should We Have a Virtual Family Meeting?
Abbot Downing
During this time of social distancing, family meetings are still important, maybe even more so to maintain family connectedness and sense of purpose. This special report helps you organize and
The Resilience Playbook: From Recession to Recovery and Beyond
Every business is at a different stage in their journey through the COVID-19 crisis. Some are very focused on weathering the storm through an economic downturn. Other businesses remained fairly
Three Real Estate Contract Questions to Consider Now
Schiff Hardin
Perhaps you hold an interest in an industrial, commercial, retail, residential asset class, or you may be an owner, buyer, seller, landlord, tenant, lender or borrower, property manager, or homeowner
Strategy Report: What Now?
Abbot Downing
As the COVID-19 crisis has unfolded, our global health, economic, and market systems have been severely tested in a very short span of time. Even as we find ourselves in the midst of the implications
Supporting Family Business Leaders Through Unprecedented Change
Abbot Downing
Family business leaders face unique challenges during this global pandemic. In addition to the health and economic factors facing all businesses today, many family business leaders have close