Creating Great Beneficiaries by Developing Robust Distribution Processes


The Beneficiaries Relations Committee (BRC) is the “it” name for the committee person or persons determining trust distributions to the beneficiaries. The BRC, however, is not just making trust distributions; there's more to it. The BRC is forging relationships through developing a robust distribution process that can lead to creating great beneficiaries.

In today’s society, it is imperative for the preservation of family wealth to understand the art of marrying the practical and emotional aspects of family wealth distribution. As Jay Hughes has suggested in his books, a trust is a gift of love and a family legacy. It is vital for trust beneficiaries to understand the importance of sustaining this gift for their family’s generations to come. The key to this sustenance begins with creating great beneficiaries who recognize and appreciate their role in using what has been given to them to grow the family’s legacy.

Great beneficiaries understand the origin of the family wealth and the mission intended by the grantors who established the trust. During this webinar, participants will learn some of the secrets to making robust distributions that can lead to creating great beneficiaries. This is a unique opportunity to hear from an industry pioneer who has shaped the evolution of the PFTC nationally, a veteran attorney who establishes and provides legal services to several PFTCs, and an experienced private trust company officer who advises family members on protecting lasting legacies.

Date Published: Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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