Data Security Incident Report 2023—Reassess & Recalibrate Security Measures & Approach


Focusing on how companies are implementing enhanced security as the attacker-defender struggle continues, this Report dives into the 9 key takeaways along with other cutting-edge topics related to the data life cycle. While ransomware attacks decreased dramatically during 2022, they were again on the rise at the end of 2022 into 2023. Business email compromise incidents were way up, while fraudulent wire transfers were down. Going further with an in-depth view, full sections are included on:

  • website tracking technology; 
  • issues faced by educational institutions, tribal organizations, and healthcare institutions; 
  • actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission; 
  • international data protection developments; and 
  • updates on employee issues, Federal Trade Commission rulemaking and enforcement, information governance, advertising issues, state data collection laws, digital assets, and tech transactions.

For an introduction to the report and the data security trends, listen to the brief podcast. 

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