Director and Trustee Pay Plans: Increasing Responsibility and Governance Impact


With family office boards and trustees increasingly responsible for areas such as investment performance, risk mitigation, executive compensation, family member communication and strategic initiatives, they face more demands on their time and more accountability. The size and composition of family office boards vary, with some boards including family members and external directors and trustees to support governance. This webinar looks in-depth at the range of family office practices and pay programs for external directors, trustees and family members. Topics of discussion will include:
  • Compensation levels
  • Board pay structure
  • Trustee compensation  
  • Use of simulated equity long-term incentive pay plans for directors and trustees
  • Effective blending of nonqualified plans into a family office structure
  • The future of director and trustee pay
  • Director and trustee compensation leading practices checklist
  • Governance practices for director and trustee pay

Date Published: Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Bruce K. Benesh, Partner & Hunter Guice, Esq., Manager – Grant Thornton

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