Enhancing the Client Service Experience

May 2012

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Helping clients achieve important life goals by integrating the full range of their planning and financial needs is enormously complex, often requiring the efforts of numerous, highly skilled individuals working in concert.  Enhancing the Client Service Experience provides an overview of practices that firms are using to manage operational complexity and deliver top-flight service.

This study consists of two sections that explore how firms are demonstrating service value and improving service quality: 

  • Section I, “Bringing the Client Experience to Life,” explores the implications of service model heterogeneity and the ways that firms are attempting to bring the client service experience to life in the sales process.  For example, how are firms using the discovery process to demonstrate the value of integrated advisory services?  What other practices are firms employing to make “integrated advice” more tangible and, therefore, more understandable, for potential clients?
  • Section II, “Enhancing Service Quality through Efficient Delivery,” seeks out examples of emerging best practice and innovative thinking in service delivery—in short, a blueprint for increasing the productivity and effectiveness of advisors and, ultimately, for improving service quality.  For example, improvements in the technological underpinnings of “service” are enhancing both service quality and service efficiency.  Industry leaders are also exploring service standardization tactics, technology and operations improvements, and reexamining service team deployment. 

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