Enterprise Planning


Securing Your Financial Future
Schiff Hardin and Lenox Advisors

Financial planning is essential to helping secure the future of you and your loved ones, yet it is easy to delay tackling it.

Re-Energize with Enterprise: Nurturing an Entrepreneurial Culture to Create a Durable Family Legacy
Scott Winget, Ascent Private Capital Management

Having an entrepreneurial culture can help nurture a family legacy by providing pathways for family members to invest in new enterprises and regularly recharge the wealth for future

Crafting Your Family Mission Statement: Lessons from the World's Best Brands
Dirk Jungé, Pitcairn

Since the early 1900s, wealthy families have borrowed from corporate America to draft mission statements or similar declarations to define their shared values and legacy.

Family Councils and Assemblies: Building Blocks in Family Enterprise Sustainability
Kristen Armstrong, Ascent Private Capital Management

When the holiday dinner table no longer suffices for annual stockholders meetings or strategic planning sessions, and a growing family needs to redefine its relationship to a family business enterp

Intentional Inheritance Planning
Wilmington Trust

For many families, discussing wealth transfer and inheritance issues can be challenging. Fear of demotivating heirs can cause wealth holders to withhold vital information.

Without You at the Helm—Is Your Family Ready to Manage Your Wealth?
Wilmington Trust

Lack of preparedness for the unexpected provides much food for thought for many wealthy families.

Sustainability—The Springboard for Future Generations
GenSpring Family Offices

Research suggests that wealthy families would prefer to pass nearly two-thirds of their wealth to their children, grandchildren and other heirs.

Family Accord: Best Practices for the Family Enterprise Start with the Family
GenSpring Family Offices

The survival of the Family Enterprise across generations requires not only negotiating business risks in an increasingly competitive global landscape, but also managing the possible rifts attributa

Transition Will Happen. Are You Prepared?
GenSpring Family Offices

All business owners will transition their business at some point in the future.

Enterprising Families: The Emergence of a New Breed of Investor

Wealth does not build itself, but it can be built, nurtured and preserved—not just for you and your generation, but for generations to come.