Family Governance and Leadership


When She Has the Money: Challenging Ancient Conventions and Supporting the New Normal
Kristin Keffeler, Will Hughes and Adrienne Iglehart

The scale of the issues surrounding a fiscally unequal relationship—where the female partner’s inherited wealth significantly exceeds that which her spouse is likely to generate through his own inh

Re-Energize with Enterprise: Nurturing an Entrepreneurial Culture to Create a Durable Family Legacy
Scott Winget, Ascent Private Capital Management

Having an entrepreneurial culture can help nurture a family legacy by providing pathways for family members to invest in new enterprises and regularly recharge the wealth for future

On Aging and Incapacity: Planning for a Complicated and Emotional Journey

As we age physically and mentally, our ability to care for ourselves and capacity to manage family affairs often diminishes--sometimes unexpectedly and rapidly.

Crafting Your Family Mission Statement: Lessons from the World's Best Brands
Dirk Jungé, Pitcairn

Since the early 1900s, wealthy families have borrowed from corporate America to draft mission statements or similar declarations to define their shared values and legacy.

Top Five Skills for Next Generation Leaders
Steve Gravenkemper, Ph.D., Plante Moran

As individuals progress in their careers, success becomes tied more to their ability to collaborate, engage, and mobilize others than on the individual skills and abilities that may have fueled ear

2017 Global Entrepreneur Report: Understanding the Pursuit of Success Among 21st Century Elite Entrepreneurs
BNP Paribas Wealth Management and Scorpio Partnership

Based on the voices of 2,650 successful business owners across Europe, Asia, the United States and the Middle East, the Global Entrepreneur Report examines the characteristics and motivators of Eli

Discovering Family Values: A Key to Successful Wealth Transfer
Mindy Rosenthal, Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth

Families who successfully transition their financial wealth and businesses share a number of best practices, including identifying shared family values and aligning them with long-term goals.

Family Councils and Assemblies: Building Blocks in Family Enterprise Sustainability
Kristen Armstrong, Ascent Private Capital Management

When the holiday dinner table no longer suffices for annual stockholders meetings or strategic planning sessions, and a growing family needs to redefine its relationship to a family business enterp

Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Defining Your Family Legacy
Rhona E. Vogel, Founder and CEO, Vogel Consulting

Legacy is not just an estate plan that passes down tangible assets; it is much bigger. It is the connections, the traditions, and the opportunities that we pass down to those who come after us.

Intentional Inheritance Planning
Wilmington Trust

For many families, discussing wealth transfer and inheritance issues can be challenging. Fear of demotivating heirs can cause wealth holders to withhold vital information.