Family Governance and Leadership


Tending the Fires of Wisdom
Jamie Yuenger, StoryKeep

Since the age of 14, Angus McRae had been the sole caretaker of the Markham family lodge and its surrounding 800 acres, where the Markham family connected and bonded.

What Your Estate and Trust Plans Say About Your Legacy
Hawthorn, PNC Center for Financial Insight

Words committed to paper, stories shared in print or video, and family histories portrayed in a personal documentary can contribute to your legacy.

Courageous Conversation: Creating an Environment of Integrity When the Stakes are High
Amy Zehnder, Ascent Private Capital Management

Helping Your Child Become Financially Self-sufficient
Jose Peris, Ascent Private Capital Management

Helping your children learn to become financially self-sufficient can be one of the most satisfying jobs of parenthood.

Thrive at Five: The Secrets of Long-Term Family Philanthropy
National Center for Family Philanthropy

If you are a newer family foundation with one or two generations on the board, five generations may seem like a long time away.

Advisory Boards: An Important Step in Transitioning the Family Business
Kristen Armstrong, Ph.D., Ascent Private Capital Management

Power and authority are not always easy to lay down when the baton is passed to the next generation, despite best laid plans.

Skeletons in the Closet: Let Them Out and Watch Them Dance
Karen McNeill, Ph.D., Ascent Private Capital Management

Every family has secrets and difficult stories that they would rather not share.

2018 FOX Family Learning Survey
Family Office Exchange

When She Has the Money: Challenging Ancient Conventions and Supporting the New Normal
Kristin Keffeler, Will Hughes and Adrienne Iglehart

The scale of the issues surrounding a fiscally unequal relationship—where the female partner’s inherited wealth significantly exceeds that which her spouse is likely to generate through his own inh

FOX Foresight – What's on the Minds of FOX Members
Family Office Exchange

FOX Foresight keeps FOX members up to date on the latest thinking on matters that affect enterprise families.