Family Governance and Leadership Succession


Unprecedented Challenges
LHT Consulting Group
The COVID-19 pandemic has presented the entire world with unprecedented challenges. An immediate and particular area of concern for family offices is having to prepare for the unfortunate reality of
Breaking the Silence on Planning for the Future
Boston Private
Families often find it challenging to talk about long-term plans and wishes of their aging parents. But it’s never a good idea to wait until there’s a crisis to rally family members
Effective Governance Strengthens Family Unity and Builds a Lasting Legacy
Unfortunately the data supports there is truth behind the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” proverb: nine out of ten families lose their wealth by the end of the third
Are You Prepared? Children and Grandchildren Should Be Ready for Their Roles as Inheritors
BMO Family Office
For many wealth creators, amassing wealth took a lot of work, but passing down the knowledge and tools to the next generation for successful wealth transition can be an even bigger challenge. Wealth
Children and Grandchildren Should Be Ready for Their Roles as Inheritors
BMO Family Office
Wealth creators can be busy with their businesses and community obligations and neglect the important step of passing down the knowledge and tools necessary for a successful wealth transition. Or
Take the Long-Term View
Family Office Exchange
Revised Feb 2020Originally Published in 2014 -- As the scope of a business-owning family’s activities expand and the family grows across generations, the organic shift from a business-
Cover to Cover: How History Books Are Built
Kathi Ann Brown, Milestones Historical Consultants
Undertaking a family business history is similar to constructing a house—both involve many steps, materials, decisions, and a serious investment of time and energy. "Cover to Cover: How
Cross-Generational Communication: Are You Up for the Challenges?
GenSpring | SunTrust Private Wealth
Research tells us communication is the most essential ingredient for sustaining wealth across generations. But, cross-generational communication can be particularly challenging, especially within
Global NextGen Survey 2019: Agents of Change, Earning Your License to Operate
PwC Private Company Services
Everything about your family business is personal: the decisions you make, the goals you pursue and the legacy you leave. Running a family business requires a balance of business imperatives,
Three Key Challenges Facing Wealthy Australian Families
Jeff Steiner, The Mutual Trust Pty Ltd
Market research reveals that nearly 70% of intergenerational wealth transfers fail by the third generation and almost 90% by the fourth. These are compelling statistics which have become top of mind