Family Governance and Leadership Succession


Family Office Market Trends
Family offices can be complex, requiring forward thinking and collaboration on a variety of initiatives. Learn more about family office market trends that may impact your organization and key
Creating Value Through Good Governance: How to Balance What is Right for the Business and For the Family
Choosing the right governance practices in a family business is a critical ingredient for its long-term sustainability. This report—the third in a series of four on family business
The Courage to Choose Wisely: Why the Succession Decision May Be a Defining Moment in Your Family
There is an evolution taking place in the world of succession that is aligning the overall purpose of the family business with the motivation and beliefs of NextGen leaders. This report—the
The Enduring Legacy of Business Families
Each family’s legacy is as unique as the family itself. It can be a bloodline, a name, heirlooms, a legal entity or family stories, myths, and artifacts. In this fourth and final report in the
The Key to Generational Sustainability: Family Learning
FOX’s Chief Learning Officer, Mindy Kalinowski Earley, explains how and why family education is an essential component that supports family cohesion and the transfer of wealth and legacy
BKD Podcast: The Family Office—Why Have One?
BKD CPAs & Advisors
Join host Damien Martin in his ongoing quest for insights and best practices for affluent families and their advisors as he sits down with guest Jeff Davidson to unpack the often mystifying and
Private Wealth vs. Family Wealth: A Holistic Approach to Sustaining Generational Wealth
Successful wealth management can be positive and transformative for those who benefit from the wealth. However, in order to embrace these benefits, wealth management must extend beyond the private
Cover to Cover: How Family Business History Books Are Built
Kathi Ann Brown, Milestones Historical Consultants
Passing down family stories can help rising generations understand and embrace their roles in the family enterprise. This is when crafting the family story becomes essential. Learn how to bring that
Your 7 Step Plan for Creating Chaos in Your Family Business
Warner Norcross + Judd
Failing to plan for the future of your business can cause chaos for your family following your death or incapacity. Rather than offering the typical list of best practices for succession planning,
Should You Have a Family Constitution?
Warner Norcross + Judd
Many successful families have put their shared values and goals in writing, often called a family constitution. A constitution can help build family unity and harmony, and the creation process itself