Family Learning and Owner Engagement


Helping Your Children Prepare for an Inheritance
If you’re not used to having conversations surrounding family wealth, it can be an uncomfortable experience that can lead to in-fighting and a breakdown in trust. That’s especially true
Legacy in Family Philanthropy: A Modern Framework
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Families are reconsidering their motivations for giving and how their philanthropy carries forward their values, aims, and objectives. It’s promoting deeper intentionality, humility, empathy,
Legacy in Family Philanthropy: A Modern Framework Workbook
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Through interviews with dozens of donors, Legacy in Family Philanthropy: A Modern Framework, explores big concepts, such as how the ever-evolving idea of legacy relates to values-driven giving and a
Finding Balance: Providing Opportunities for Your Children Without Enabling Them
All parents have reasons for why they do or do not share their wealth with their children, and neither option is without challenges. The key for parents is to find the balance between sharing
The Hidden Factor That Can Derail Your Legacy
Wealthy families often take every precaution in preserving their legacies for future generations, with carefully constructed estate plans, wills, and trusts. But they often overlook something that
7 Tips to Overcoming Prenup Paralysis
If you’re a first-timer to the prenuptial conversation, having apprehension around talking about a prenuptial agreement is normal and to be expected. There may even be fear that raising the
Mission Statements for Families of Wealth: Identify the Values and Reap the Reward
At its core, a mission statement serves as a compass, continually steering an organization or business toward their goals. For the families who undertake the process of creating a mission statement,
Putting the “Family” in Family Philanthropy
Wilmington Trust
Charitable planning can be an important part not only of managing income and estate taxes, but of engaging the family and strengthening family values. Adding in a multigenerational component can make
Beyond Budgeting
When it comes to budgeting, there are a few basics: Track your spending, know where your money goes, and don’t spend more than you earn. These fundamentals can boost your financial well-being
A Financial Checklist for Post-Graduates
As a young adult moving from college to your first real job and your own apartment, it's time to start adulting and being responsible for your own finanicial life, insurance