Family Learning and Owner Engagement


Disruptive Philanthropists
The way individuals are approaching philanthropy has evolved in recent years, with philanthropists taking the very best of the corporate world and adding more rigor and measurement to how they give
Education in a Family Office: Strengthening the Family Legacy
Whether knowledge is shared around the dinner table or in a boardroom, starting family member education early puts a family office in a strong position to strengthen the family’s legacy. While
The Key to Generational Sustainability: Family Learning
FOX’s Chief Learning Officer, Mindy Kalinowski Earley, explains how and why family education is an essential component that supports family cohesion and the transfer of wealth and legacy
Meetings Matter: A Practical Guide for Philanthropic Families
National Center for Family Philanthropy
In this guide, Janice Simsohn Shaw shares tips for running a smooth meeting, based on the close consideration of the purpose, outcomes, process, and people involved. Constructive templates are also
Importance of Family Learning: Developing Flourishing Families through Family Learning
The Importance of Family Learning: Developing Flourishing Families through Family Learning is an editable presentation featured in the FOX Family Learning Handbook designed to build a shared
FOX Family Learning Handbook
When wealth owners are asked what challenges them most, their first answer is frequently, “helping my children become productive adults.” Parents want their wealth to be a source of satisfaction and
Private Wealth vs. Family Wealth: A Holistic Approach to Sustaining Generational Wealth
Successful wealth management can be positive and transformative for those who benefit from the wealth. However, in order to embrace these benefits, wealth management must extend beyond the private
Cover to Cover: How Family Business History Books Are Built
Kathi Ann Brown, Milestones Historical Consultants
Passing down family stories can help rising generations understand and embrace their roles in the family enterprise. This is when crafting the family story becomes essential. Learn how to bring that
Preparing for the Great Wealth Transfer: Strategies for Effective Family Education
Willow Street Group
Often, families execute wealth transfer planning strategies without fully considering what wealth and family legacy means to them—particularly the importance of defining and sharing their
Should You Have a Family Constitution?
Warner Norcross + Judd
Many successful families have put their shared values and goals in writing, often called a family constitution. A constitution can help build family unity and harmony, and the creation process itself