Family Learning and Owner Engagement


Family Directors: An Insider's Perspective From a Seven-Generation Family
No matter if a family enterprise is establishing an Advisory Board, Fiduciary Board, or Owners Board, considerations must include the roles that family members might play and how best to prepare them
College Checklists for High School Students
These year-by-year college preparation checklists provide a clear outline for parents and their high school children who want to know more about how to get ready for college. Beginning with
Planning for Parenthood Financial and Estate Planning for Newborns
In preparing for the birth of his daughter, David Slover developed a to-do list each parent should think about executing. Topics shared include Last Will and Testament, Financial and Healthcare
Guide to College Visits
Visiting colleges is a great way for a college-bound student to gain a firsthand view and help determine which college is the right fit. To make the most of each visit, get prepared with this guide
Multigenerational Philanthropy: Aligning Family Values for Impact
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Philanthropy is embedded in the fabric of wealth management. Whether it's the Silent Generation or Generation Z, each generation wants to make an impact through charitable giving. With each
College Was Awesome. Now What?
William Blair & Company
College graduation marks the start of a career with new responsibilities and decisions. It's an exciting time but can be filled with uncertainty. Having a game plan can help the transition from
Family Leadership Development
Tolleson Wealth Management
Understanding the development of family leaders plays an important role as new generations emerge. In this episode, Richard Joyner discusses the path it takes to become a family leader and how to
Courageous Money Conversations: Unique Approaches for Financial Education
Money conversations can be difficult, and yet they are necessary. FOX Chief Learning Officer Mindy Kalinowski Earley is joined by Amy Zehnder and Cindy Coe as they discuss financial education using
The ABCs of Financial Literacy
SEI Family Office Services
“The sooner you begin having conversations with your kids about money and where it comes from, how to budget it, and about the financial system, the better.” In this podcast episode of
Growing Up with Abundance
Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth
In this special educational webinar, Joline Godfrey (author of Raising Financially Fit Kids) joins Robin Petty at Hawthorn in a conversation on the guilt, shame, and complexities around