Family Learning and Owner Engagement


Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
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Wealth brings with it some important questions, including the obligation to have an approach to managing it. For families of significant wealth, it primarily revolves around the requirement to
Aging and Longevity: A Discussion Guide for Families
Many see increased longevity as primarily a financial challenge and focus on maintaining assets into later stages of life. But as with most issues involving multi-generational wealth, there are other
Learning Strategies to Engage and Empower the Rising Gen
What can I do to raise productive, responsible, generous and prepared inheritors or owners? How do I get the rising generation to get involved and engaged in learning so they are ready for their
Maintaining Wealth Momentum: The 3 Human Dimensions of Family Wealth
History shows that the families who address human issues, in addition to the financial issues, are the ones that prosper for multiple generations. Understanding the three human dimensions of family
Wealth at 100: How Living Longer is Changing the Dynamics for Prosperous Families
Today, a quarter of 65-year-olds will live past age 90, and one in 10 will live past age 95. Living longer has considerable benefits for individuals and their families, but living longer is also
10 Steps to Financial Freedom in Your Twenties and Thirties
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On the journey to obtain independence and achieve financial success, the priorities usually include having a good educational experience, a sound resume and a career with a nice salary. That journey
The 25 Best Practices of Multi-Generational Families
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The odds of sustaining wealth across generations are low, and studies show that less than three percent of failures stem from poor estate planning and poor investment returns. This implies that there
Sustainability—The Springboard for Future Generations
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While wealthy families prefer to pass nearly two-thirds of their wealth to their children, grandchildren and other heirs, they grapple with a fundamental question: Can their wealth benefit their
Freedom Within a Framework: The Key to Raising Responsible Owners of Wealth
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Though the challenges to successful wealth transfer across generations may seem overwhelming, they can be overcome. Success requires a commitment of time and energy by the entire family, as well as
Wealth: Burden or Opportunity?
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While it is true that having money can create great opportunities, it can make some people feel awkward and harbor deep feelings of regret and shame. Those feelings can dramatically influence wealth