Family Learning and Owner Engagement


An Open Letter to the Family Patriarch
Brad Simmons
As an entrepreneur and a leader, you have had to back yourself over and over again, often in the face of uncertainty or adversity. You have learned to trust your instinct. However, as you transition
Families Working and Investing Together: 10 Arguments For and Against
Rachel Craze, Mutual Trust Pty Ltd.
Working together in a family enterprise—across generations and between branches—can be complex. Some families will arrive at this fork in the road quite abruptly, perhaps due to a
Five Tips for Holding a Successful Family Meeting
Mutual Trust Pty Ltd.
Poorly structured family meetings that lack a clear purpose and agenda can do more harm than good. Failing to get buy-in from all family members can cause irreparable damage to relationships, despite
Impact Investing: Frameworks for Families
The ImPact
What do people really mean when they talk about “impact investing?” Why do people make impact investments, and how do they do it? What counts, and what doesn’t? This primer provides
Taking Time to Teach: Raising Responsible Children Amid Affluence
Abbot Downing
One of the greatest concerns among wealthy parents is that the family’s great fortune might inadvertently lead to misfortune for their children. Raising responsible children in affluence is a
Should We Have a Family Meeting?
Abbot Downing
At some point, most families ask if they should have a family meeting, recognizing the importance of providing a forum for sharing news, concerns, opportunities, and challenges in an open and direct
Managing the Impact of Wealth
Arne Boudewyn, Pat Armstrong, and Jill Shipley
It can be surprising to hear that just 30 percent of families successfully sustain their wealth beyond three generations. The reasons for wealth transition failures are generally personal rather than
Family Meetings: Communication, Education and Family Cohesion
Effective communication and cohesion are critical to long-term family success. Family meetings are most successful when they are part of a larger communication strategy. The annual family meeting
The Client of the Future: Advising Millennials
Amy Hart Clyne identified five generational themes and eight recommendations to help family leaders, family office staff, and advisors strengthen their relationships with the Millennials in the
Engaging the Client of the Future
Family Office Exchange
Today’s young adult family clients – specifically those who identify as Millennials or Gen Y – are bringing a distinct set of preferences and sensibilities to their relationships