Family Learning and Owner Engagement


Family Meetings
Northern Trust
Wealthy families usually have extensive shared assets that are designed to grow and be passed down through multiple generations. As the family enterprise grows (family business and/or the family
Developing a Family's Values, Vision & Mission Statement: "The Cornerstone Statement"
Northern Trust
Families who successfully navigate the complexity of wealth through multiple generations tend to do things differently. They recognize the need to establish a framework for decision-making that
Family Philanthropy Board Chairs: Leading with Joy and Effectiveness
National Center for Family Philanthropy
A board chair is perhaps the most important and meaningful job in any family foundation. If you are currently chair—or anticipate that you will be someday—you may find it’s one of
Be the Architect of Your Family's Story
National Center for Family Philanthropy
National Center for Family Philanthropy recently spoke with Bill Leighty about how he’s helped keep the Leighty Foundation’s memories alive by recording its history. While many
Breaking the Silence: The Power of Effective Family Communication
Families blessed with significant financial resources can make an amazing and long-lasting impact on the world. But that wealth can also lead to disagreements, grudges, and hurt feelings. Trying to
Coming of Age: How Parents Can Help College-Bound Teens Balance Independence and Safety
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College years can be an exciting time for young adults, as they get their first taste of independence and being self-sufficient. However, the responsibilities of coming-of-age also comes with
Coming of Age: Essential Tips for Parents with College-Bound Teens
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Moving from home to college is a rite of passage that requires a teenager to assume more responsibility for their actions and requires a parent to respect their child's budding independence.
Starting and Sustaining Family Meetings: An Insider’s Guide
Evidence suggests that good communication is a cornerstone of successful wealth transfer among families and those family meetings are a good platform for communication. Is there such a thing as “bad
Engage the Rising Gen with Individual Learning Plans
Every family is challenged to find ways to engage the rising generation in learning about the family enterprise and how to live well with their wealth. Those who have had the most success have found
The Philanthropy Framework
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Philanthropy is undergoing profound transformation that comes with new challenges. The intense debates about power and effectiveness, and the difficult operating environments also require