Family Learning and Owner Engagement


Family Meeting Handbook
BMO Wealth Management – CTC | myCFO
Creativity, patience, tolerance, and “flexibility” are the keys to planning, holding, and advancing Family Meetings. While there are guidelines to help and ideas to utilize, it is
Advice from a Filmmaker On How to Connect with "The Kids" (aka the Rising Gen)
Jamie Yuenger, StoryKeep
The importance of connecting with your children, whether they are ten years old or sixty years old, never diminishes. The investment you make in them comes back ten-fold in the family office setting
Uncomfortable Money Dilemmas: Graceful Ways to Handle Them
When you make more money than your friends, it can set up awkward and uncomfortable money dilemmas. However, there are ways to get around them by having a few good verbal comebacks and a dose of
Legacy Planning and the Elephant in the Room
LHT Consulting Group
Many estate plans can be too boilerplate and do little more than establish what happens with physical assets upon death. They overlook personal sentiments and expressions that could prove to be a
Family Gatherings and Preserving Memories
Darlene Spagnola, Theia Senior Solutions
Stories that are passed down from generation to generation are a way to create a family legacy that will be remembered long after we are gone. These stories are precious in understanding who we are
You Actually Can Afford to Fail (Intelligently)
Ascent Private Capital Management
Failure has long been a product of the entrepreneur, embodied fully by the mantra of the economic juggernaut Silicon Valley—“Fail Often, Fail Fast, Fail Forward.” Some corporations
Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
Key Capital Private
Wealth brings with it some important questions, including the obligation to have an approach to managing it. For families of significant wealth, it primarily revolves around the requirement to
Aging and Longevity: A Discussion Guide for Families
Many see increased longevity as primarily a financial challenge and focus on maintaining assets into later stages of life. But as with most issues involving multi-generational wealth, there are other
Learning Strategies to Engage and Empower the Rising Gen
What can I do to raise productive, responsible, generous and prepared inheritors or owners? How do I get the rising generation to get involved and engaged in learning so they are ready for their
Maintaining Wealth Momentum: The 3 Human Dimensions of Family Wealth
History shows that the families who address human issues, in addition to the financial issues, are the ones that prosper for multiple generations. Understanding the three human dimensions of family