Family Learning and Owner Engagement


Venture Capital Positively Disrupts Intergenerational Investing
Cambridge Associates
As technological advances are disrupting and transforming companies in every sector, the traditional investing landscape is also being disrupted. Venture capital is at the core of the transformation
Are You Prepared? Children and Grandchildren Should Be Ready for Their Roles as Inheritors
BMO Family Office
For many wealth creators, amassing wealth took a lot of work, but passing down the knowledge and tools to the next generation for successful wealth transition can be an even bigger challenge. Wealth
Children and Grandchildren Should Be Ready for Their Roles as Inheritors
BMO Family Office
Wealth creators can be busy with their businesses and community obligations and neglect the important step of passing down the knowledge and tools necessary for a successful wealth transition. As an
Take the Long-Term View
Family Office Exchange
Revised Feb 2020Originally Published in 2014 -- As the scope of a business-owning family’s activities expand and the family grows across generations, the organic shift from a business-
Cross-Generational Communication: Are You Up for the Challenges?
GenSpring | SunTrust Private Wealth
Research tells us communication is the most essential ingredient for sustaining wealth across generations. But, cross-generational communication can be particularly challenging, especially within
Getting Engaged: Three Ways to Take it to the Next Level
Lucy Bickford, Schiff Hardin
Successfully transitioning family assets from generation to generation is hard work. And for many families, talking about money or family wealth can be awkward and uncomfortable, or simply delayed,
Clarifying Learning Expectations for Rising Gen Engagement
For families engaging in strategic planning, the proverbial questions remain the same… What does the rising generation need to know? How do we deliver that? What should we expect from them?
What Matters Most to You?
The Mutual Trust Pty Ltd
The most problematic challenge wealthy families face is not how to make more money, but how to ensure that it lasts. This requires focusing on something other than money. Successful families, whose
How to Raise a Philanthropist
UMB Bank
By fostering the idea of giving from a young age, children can learn the value and joy in helping, sharing, and giving to those who have less than them. Instilling the core ideals of philanthropy in
Go Slow to Go Far
Michelle Gortan, The Mutual Trust Pty Ltd
The most successful enterprises, whether they’re companies or families, make a concerted effort to capture and articulate what is at their core. Taking the time to discover what drives you and