Family Legacy & Leadership Planning

Family legacy encompasses all that a family holds dear and wants to preserve for the future – the history, values, knowledge and experience that are as essential as a family’s financial assets. Effective leadership, governance structures, planning, education and communication are all critical elements in sustaining a family’s legacy across multiple generations.


On Aging and Incapacity: Planning for a Complicated and Emotional Journey

As we age physically and mentally, our ability to care for ourselves and capacity to manage family affairs often diminishes--sometimes unexpectedly and rapidly.

A Family Office Case Study: Evolving Servicing and Structure to Meet the Needs of the Family

As Market Street Trust Company reaches the 30-year milestone as a private trust company, Marianne Young, President, and Rachel Sherman, Vice President, Client Service, discussed the evolution of Ma

Changing Stories, Resolving Conflicts: Building Resilient Family Offices
Family businesses thrive when collaborative learning and stakeholder engagement remain high.
Making Sense of Situs for Private Family Trust Companies

This webinar analyzed the meaning and understanding of “situs” as it relates to Private Family Trust Companies, and focused specifically on the concepts of trust company situs, trust situs, and tax

Strengthening the Partnership Between Families and Advisors

The 2016-17 FOX Thought Leaders Council Report: Strengthening the Partnership Between Families and Advisors is a great resource for those who are seeking ways to construct sustaina

Family Communications & Interactions - How Can Technology Help the Modern Family Office?
A Family Office is all about providing a tailored, bespoke experience to the family. How does a family office extend that into the digital world?
Women Investors: Driving Empowerment, Confidence, and Success
Wilmington Trust

Women have become financial powerhouses. That much is certain. They have taken on an increasing role in managing wealth to the tune of $11.2 trillion.

Mindful Family Leadership: Harnessing the New Brain Science
Kristen Armstrong

New findings in brain science and neuroplasticity provide clues on how to create and sustain better leaders, especially within family enterprises.

Succession - Taking a Broader View
Single family offices are increasingly faced with the topic of succession whether triggered by an upcoming departure of a family office executive or a broader transition in generational family le
Private Caucusing vs. Joint Sessions in Family and Commercial Disputes: Should We Try a Little More Togetherness?
Jeffrey Makoff, Esq. and Jessica Grynberg, Esq.

In both complex commercial and family disputes, the caucus-style mediation has been the predominantly employed method over the joint mediation session.