Family Dynamics


Changing Stories, Resolving Conflicts: Building Resilient Family Offices
Family businesses thrive when collaborative learning and stakeholder engagement remain high.
Strengthening the Partnership Between Families and Advisors

The 2016-17 FOX Thought Leaders Council Report: Strengthening the Partnership Between Families and Advisors is a great resource for those who are seeking ways to construct sustaina

Private Caucusing vs. Joint Sessions in Family and Commercial Disputes: Should We Try a Little More Togetherness?
Jeffrey Makoff, Esq. and Jessica Grynberg, Esq.

In both complex commercial and family disputes, the caucus-style mediation has been the predominantly employed method over the joint mediation session.

“You Meant What?” Making Family Communication More Effective
Chuck Carroll & Kim Llumiquinga

While many families are expending effort on important concepts such as improving financial literacy, defining family shared values, and creating family mission statements, such efforts are likely t

Communicating Across Generations in the Workplace

For the first time in modern history, four generations are represented in the workforce. Each group has its own distinct characteristics, values and attitudes toward work.

The Six Most Contentious Parts of a Family Constitution
Brad Simmons

A family constitution—the rule book that defines the vision and principles of a family’s wealth strategy and acts as an operating model—should be as unique as the family itself.

How to Discuss Wealth With Your Family
Northern Trust

Talking about wealth is every bit as important as creating a technical wealth plan—if not more so.

Should We Have a Family Meeting?
Abbot Downing

At some point, most families ask if they should have a family meeting, recognizing the importance of providing a forum for sharing news, concerns, opportunities, and challenges in an open and direc

Managing the Impact of Wealth
Arne Boudewyn, Pat Armstrong, and Jill Shipley

It can be surprising to hear that just 30 percent of families successfully sustain their wealth beyond three generations.

When Addiction Surfaces in Beneficiaries and Client Offspring: A New Approach Based on Highly Successful Programs for Physicians
O'Connor Professional Group

Estate planning and wealth management involve the founder’s goals, family and assets. Unresolved substance use disorders (SUDs) will undermine the best plans and intent in all three areas.