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Strengthening the Partnership Between Families and Advisors

The 2016-17 FOX Thought Leaders Council Report: Strengthening the Partnership Between Families and Advisors is a great resource for those who are seeking ways to construct sustaina

Women Investors: Driving Empowerment, Confidence, and Success
Wilmington Trust

Women have become financial powerhouses. That much is certain. They have taken on an increasing role in managing wealth to the tune of $11.2 trillion.

The Home Team Advantage: Successfully Preparing Your Family for the Future
Thomas C. Rogerson

When you think about family dynamics, very often there’s a lack of that home team concept and feeling of unity.

Should We Have a Family Meeting?
Abbot Downing

At some point, most families ask if they should have a family meeting, recognizing the importance of providing a forum for sharing news, concerns, opportunities, and challenges in an open and direc

A Thoughtful Approach To Prenuptial Agreements
Abbott Downing

Families with significant wealth often assume that requiring a prenuptial agreement should be expected, but frequently have questions on the impact the discussion can have on current and future fam

Managing the Impact of Wealth
Arne Boudewyn, Pat Armstrong, and Jill Shipley

It can be surprising to hear that just 30 percent of families successfully sustain their wealth beyond three generations.

Social Media: The New Liability Frontier
According to Socialnomics, more than 58 million Americans use social networking sites several times per day.
Family Meetings: Communication, Education and Family Cohesion
Effective communication and cohesion are critical to long-term family success. Family meetings are most successful when they are part of a larger communication strategy.
Providing Perspective: Five Predictions for the Family Office of Tomorrow
While no one really knows what the future will bring, global research data can provide a perspective on what may become reality.
The Client of the Future: Advising Millennials

Amy Hart Clyne identified five generational themes and eight recommendations to help family leaders, family office staff, and advisors strengthen their relationships with the Millennials in the fam