Family Office Best Practices


2022 FOX Family Office Compensation & Benefits Survey - Member Non-Participant Report
Family Office Exchange
The biennial 2022 Compensation and Benefits Report is designed to help family office board members and executives assess the office’s compensation plan. The report highlights key family office
Engaging and Retaining Talent for Family Offices
The family office talent landscape is more competitive than ever before. Hear from a family office HR expert on how you can employ proven processes to engage and retain. We discussed the
Developing Long and Short-Term Incentive Plans for Family Offices
Family offices are getting more and more sophisticated, with complex structures and investment platforms similar to that of institutions. Attracting the talent to deliver and manage those models and
Highlights from the 2021 Family Office Benchmarking Study
Demonstrating the value of a family office is no small feat. The pressing priorities of an office often leave little room to fully grasp the impact of the work being done to fulfill the family’s