Family Office Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and benefits costs are consistently the biggest line item in the family office budget, and turnover is costly in human and financial terms. Devoting the time and resources necessary to develop a competitive compensation and benefits structure and encourage the success of each employee is a worthwhile investment in the future of the family and the office. 

Best Practices 

The Family Office Personnel section of 50 Best Practices for an Enduring Family Enterprise outlines the importance of: detailed position descriptions for each employee, tying employee goals to company-wide goals and annual performance evaluations. 

Compensation experts from Grant Thornton examine different approaches for compensating key staff members, with an emphasis on long-term, deferred structures in the Aligning Compensation Structures and Family Goals presentation. Grant Thornton provides additional thoughts in a webinar titled, Family Offices and Compensation: Evolution of the Dynamic Duo.

Industry Benchmarks

Wondering whether your current compensation and benefits package is competitive? The Family Office Compensation & Benefits report from the 2016 FOX Family Office Benchmarking™ of 151 family offices provides industry intelligence on what your peers are doing related to:

  • Family office compensation practices – prevalence of employment contracts, severance policies and annual employee reviews
  • Incentive compensation – methodology and nature of short- and long-term incentives
  • Benefits and perquisites – what is offered to whom, and what does it cost  the office
  • Paid time off – vacation, maternity and flexible work options

You may also view our on-demand webinar, featuring highlights and commentary from this report:  Webinar - Highlights from the 2016 FOX Family Office Compensation & Benefits Survey

Tools, Resources and Samples

Every employee should have a detailed position description that outlines his/her key job responsibilities. Check out the Shared Templates for sample family office job descriptions.

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