Family Reputation Management: Crises and Beyond


When you think of Martha Stewart, you think of insider trading. When you think of Rod Blagojevich, you think of his auction for Obama's senate seat. These are two examples of reputations can be tarnished overnight. What can be done to lessen the severity of reputation risk during a crisis? What is involved in effective, day-to-day management of family reputation? What role does the internet and privacy play and how can we influence a positive outcome? Listen in as our expert speakers explore the importance of developing and communicating a family crisis plan, critical aspects of the plan and a process for managing crisis communications inside and outside the family. This program is filled with forward thinking tips to mitigate reputation risk now and in the future. Preserving family reputation is the responsibility of individual family members and the function of trusted advisors. Join us on this webinar to hear real case examples and stories that illustrate main principles of reputation management.

Date Published: Saturday, April 30, 2011


Keith Whitaker and Susan Massenzio – Wells Fargo Family Wealth

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