FOX Family Learning Handbook

September 2021

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When wealth owners are asked what challenges them most, their first answer is frequently, “helping my children become productive adults.” Parents want their wealth to be a source of satisfaction and opportunity for their children and want to ensure that their children are prepared for the responsibilities that come with wealth. Getting this right is not easy, but those who have committed to educating the next generation will tell you that the return is well worth the investment.

FOX Family Learning Handbook:

The FOX Family Learning Handbook is a thorough resource for families, family office staff, advisors, and anyone working to advance education initiatives with a family. This curated collection of research and thought leadership includes all FOX knowledge related to family learning in an easy-to-follow format, organized by three stages of family learning: beginning, emerging, and formalized. Each stage includes an overview, action steps, a list of questions, resources, case studies, and tools and worksheets. We hope this handbook arms you with learning concepts as well as practical ideas to help create or enhance the learning culture in your family or family office. 


The FOX Family Learning Handbook, just like the FOX Community, is strengthened by peer sharing. We welcome and encourage families to share examples of what they are doing to promote family learning. To protect your privacy, we will anonymize any examples shared before adding them to the handbook. Please email Mindy Kalinowski Earley, Chief Learning Officer ( to set up a call or share your resources.  

How to Use the Handbook:  

Every user, according to their interest or role, will use the handbook differently. We have structured the handbook to be interactive, so that each user can easily navigate through the progressive stages. The intentional design flows from beginning, to emerging and formalized stages. As you enter each stage, the content will flow from informational, to action oriented. We hope that you will assess your current state, ascertain what it will take to get there, ask the family or learning committee the questions in each section, and utilize the worksheets and tools. Take breaks as needed. Come back to the content when you are ready. Buddha says, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” When the family is ready, the content is here for you.

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