FOX Guide to Family Education

October 2012

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FOX research shows that a top concern for wealth owners, second only to preserving the value of assets, is helping children to become productive adults. Leadership and succession are also real concerns as baby boomers around the world prepare to retire. 

A strategic approach to family education is essential for addressing all of these concerns. However, it’s not easy. Family leaders and family office executives report facing obstacles such as: 
  • Difficulty getting buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Time constraints
  • Lack of program design expertise
  • Trouble identifying the right resources
The FOX Guide to Family Education addresses these obstacles head on.
After reading this you will:
  • Understand how education maps to family goals 
  • Have tools to make the case for family education 
  • Be able to architect an effective family education plan 
  • Know where to find resources and programs to support your plan 
The materials in the guide include original FOX content as well as contributions from leading family educators and family member experience. We hope that you find the guide useful, and we welcome your feedback. 
You may also be interested in the FOX Solution Toolkit, Educating Family Members which outlines questions to consider and additional resources.

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