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Central to the FOX mission is the deep study of issues and concerns that members face in leading their families, managing their investments, and operating their offices
Managing Family Capital Generated by the Family Business Mar 24 2014
The State of the Art in Family Wealth Management Feb 27 2014
Taking the Long-Term View of the Family Enterprise Jan 21 2014
Navigating the Wealth Management Landscape: In Search of Integrated Solutions Jan 15 2014
FOX Guide to the Professional Family Office Nov 21 2013
Family Office Compensation & Benefits Oct 03 2013
Technology in the Family Office Jul 15 2013
Understanding the Trust Mar 08 2013
FOX Family Office Benchmarking™ Board Report - 2012 Dec 09 2012
2012 Multi-family Office and Wealth Advisor Benchmarking Dec 09 2012
Developing a Long-Term View for the Family Wealth Strategy Nov 01 2012
FOX Guide to Family Education Oct 19 2012
Financial Reporting in the Family Office: Elevating the Conversation Jul 12 2012
Building a Family Enterprise Plan to Deal With Future Uncertainty Jun 19 2012
General Questions to Ask Wealth Advisors Jun 05 2012
Enhancing the Client Service Experience May 07 2012
FOX Insights: New Thinking in Family Wealth May 07 2012
Wealth Advisor Assessment Checklist Apr 28 2012
2011 Investment Survey Insights Apr 20 2012
Highlights from the FOX Global Family Office Study 2011 Jan 16 2012
FOX Wealth Trends Jan 01 2012
The Cost of Complexity: Understanding Family Office Costs Dec 01 2011
FOX Briefing: 2012 Salary Increases and Bonuses Oct 01 2011
The Enterprise Sales Process: Best Practices in Business Development Sep 01 2011
Standing Out in the Crowd: Strategies for Marketing and Leveraging Relationships Mar 01 2011
Taking Care of Business: Case Examples of Separating Personal Wealth Management from the Family Business Jan 01 2011
Innovating to Survive and Thrive: Meeting the Challenge of Small Family Office Sustainability Jan 01 2011
How Wealth Owners Measure Value: Evaluating the Performance of Your Wealth Advisor or Family Office Oct 01 2010
Insurance Matters: The Case for Strategic Insurance Planning Sep 01 2010
Best Practices in Reporting Jun 01 2010
FOX Technology Guide May 01 2010
Investing in the Future: A Look Inside the Small Family Office Feb 01 2010
Securing the Future: Managing Threats and Opportunities Through Effective Risk Planning Oct 01 2009
The Challenges of Shared Ownership Oct 01 2009
Rethinking Investment Risk Management: Anticipated Changes to Investment Risk Management Practices in a New Era of Due Diligence Jul 01 2009
Pricing for Profitability: Pricing Practices in an Evolving Ultra-Wealth Marketplace Jan 01 2009
Managing Family Wealth Separately From the Family Business Oct 01 2008
50 Best Practices for an Enduring Family Enterprise Sep 01 2008
Preparing the Next Generation for the Responsibilities of Ownership Oct 17 2007
The Enduring Enterprise: Building a Sustainable Wealth Advisory Business Aug 01 2007
Recasting the Central Role of the Family Office as Risk Manager: The New Imperative as Family Risk Manager Oct 01 2006
Wealth Management as a Second Family Business Sep 01 2005
Forging Successful Partnerships in the Face of Conflicts of Interest: A Thought Leaders Roundtable Compendium Nov 01 2004

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