Fulfilling A Donor’s Vision: How Foundations Evolve and Innovate with Respect


Deb Hoover served as President and CEO of Burton D. Morgan Foundation for 15 years, and during that time she played an integral role in fulfilling the donor’s vision of advancing entrepreneurship in northeast Ohio. She has also served in leadership roles for two other private foundations. Deb will share a number of practical tips for families with foundations such as clarifying donor intent and how to sustain it over time, and interaction with well-meaning family members reevaluating the donor’s original mission and vision. The conversation will also address how to execute on a complex mission, how to keep donor intent top of mind for the foundation board as new members come and go, and how to communicate a foundation’s vision to the local community and various external stakeholders. This webcast is not to be missed for families with a foundation, big or small.

Deborah D. Hoover, Chief Executive Officer, Entrepreneurship Education Consortium
Lori Kalic, Health Care Senior Analyst, Partner, RSM
Hilary Leav, Director, Insights & Research

Date Published: Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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