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Investment Company Status Considerations for Cash Positioning in Wake of Bank Failures
Perkins Coie
Given the distress in the financial system and high-profile bank failures, many emerging companies may be asking themselves: “Why am I holding so much cash?” The Investment Company Act of
Implications and Aftermath of the Silicon Valley Bank
BMO Family Office
The rapid downfall of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) set off a wave of uncertainty and fear in the markets. Actions have been taken to provide relief for SVB depositors and the global markets, including
Can Directors/Officers be Liable for Depositing Corporate Funds in and Borrowing from a Bank Taken Over by the FDIC?
Foley & Lardner
The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse marks the largest receivership since Washington Mutual failed in 2008. While the FDIC and the Treasury Department have since stepped in to ensure that all
Ten Minute Interview: Trends in Direct Investing
Foley & Lardner
As a general counsel in the Family Office space, Nate Christensen speaks on the growth of direct investing by family offices, the competitive advantages and challenges for them, and advice for family
Retiring Early? Is a 72(t)(2) Right for You?
Taking retirement account distributions prior to age 59-1/2 is often seen as an off-limits option for many account owners. However, using the IRC §72(t) payment exception can be a helpful tool
Are You Focusing on the Wrong Central Bank?
Charles Schwab
While investor attention is on the Fed, changes at the Bank of Japan might bring shifts to the economic environment, impacting the global markets. 
Women in Business 2023: The Push for Parity
Grant Thornton
While there’s been progress in the number of women in senior positions, this year's research shows it is concerningly slow. At the current rate, it will take another 132 years to close the
Compensation Committee Priorities for 2023
The importance of talent continues to be a factor in driving an organization’s success. As a result, many compensation committees have expanded their roles and responsibilities beyond executive
Global Economic Update: Emerging Trends Challenging Investors
Join FOX for a 2023 global economic update from NEPC’s Head of Asset Allocation, Phillip Nelson. Phillip will highlight the key investment themes of 2023 and the new trends challenging the behavioral
7 Private Equity Predictions for 2023
Deal-making has been up and down in the M&A market from 2020 to today, creating a state of uncertainty against the backdrop of rising interest rates, inflation, and geopolitical strife that