Industry Trends


Voices on Productivity: When Less May Be More
Korn Ferry
For two months, a financial services firm in New Zealand cut its workweek to four eight-hour days but paid for five days—and invited university researchers to study the impact on performance.
2019 State of the Family Office Industry
The FOX Family Office Study is intended to empower family leaders and family office executives to understand important metrics to measure family office value, identify areas for improvement, and plan
Direct Investments
Wealthy individuals and family offices are increasingly looking to direct investments for enhancing their returns. Direct investments are also appealing because they not only eliminate the management
FOX Public Webinar: FOX Trends & Insights 2019
Family Office Exchange is committed to identifying trends and issues that have immediate and future impact on families of wealth. In this session, new FOX President Bill Sullivan and Chief Operating
Repurposing the Compensation Committee: Time to Push the Reset Button
Korn Ferry
Every year, shareholders vote to appoint or reappoint boards to act on their behalf to ensure the company maximizes shareholder value. And enlightened boards are not waiting for activists but instead
The HR Coaching Tree
Korn Ferry
Many organizations are realizing that HR executives’ mandate extends beyond figuring out the firm’s health insurance and writing the employee handbook. They are key to creating a positive
The Millennial Managers Have Arrived
Korn Ferry
In offices around the world Millennials are rapidly becoming managers and even senior executives. Some assistance from their employers could help, but at least right now, many organizations don
The 4 Key Traits for Family Foundation Trailblazers
The 360 Group
Every new leader faces challenges. But for those who are breaking barriers within nonprofits or family foundations, the challenges are even more pronounced. The new leaders must find their footing
Owning Success: Six Choices That Empower Underrepresented Talent to Achieve
Korn Ferry
Organizations that want to develop or retain a competitive advantage should create a diverse and inclusive environment where all can thrive. This means addressing both the company-wide structural and
Highlights from the 2019 Family Office Study - Benchmarking
Demonstrating the value of a family office is no small task. The pressing priorities of an office often leave little room to fully comprehend the impact of all moving parts. The 2019 FOX Family