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The Talent Trifecta: Recruiting and Retaining the Right Single Family Office Employees
Finding the right talent to lead a single family office (SFO) is a bit like hunting an elusive, mythical creature. Legend has it they’re out there, but sightings are few and far between.
4 Signs It's Time to Rethink Your SFO (Infographic)
Families too often fail to recognize—or choose to ignore—early signs that an existing SFO structure is cost prohibitive or failing to meet a family's shifting needs. In working with
Marijuana is Now Legal in My State, but Is it a 'Lawful Product'?
Patrick J. McMahon, Foley & Lardner LLP
The trend of states legalizing both medical and recreational marijuana use continues to gain momentum. Unfortunately for employers, this also means having to wade through an ever-growing patchwork of
Morgan Creek Digital Assets: News and Investment Opinion on the Blockchain Industry
Morgan Creek Capital Management
One core belief held about the blockchain industry is that every stock, bond, currency, and commodity will eventually be digitized (also known as tokenized). This investment thesis is one that has
You Can't Always Get What You Want: Talking with Children About Wealth and Entitlement
Kelly Arrillaga and Anna Howard, First Republic Private Wealth
Many wealth management clients often encounter the same issue—they want to know how to prevent their children from becoming entitled. Specifically, they’re concerned that their children
Cannabis Private Investment Review
Poseidon Asset Management and PitchBook
Cannabis is one of the most promising and complex plants, and now industries, emerging today—with the potential to impact and reshape the global, social, and business landscape. In creating
New York Expands Pay Equity Law
James M. Nicholas, Foley & Lardner LLP
On the day that New York State honored the U.S. women’s soccer team for their World Cup victory—a team whose members have publicly demanded pay equity with the U.S. men’s soccer
Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS)
Justin Makso and Kevin Chung, First Republic Private Wealth
Lawmakers are well aware of the significant contributions to economic and job growth made by small businesses. As a direct incentive for starting and investing in small businesses, Congress has
Ransomware and Business Email Compromise Trends
Risk Strategies Company
Ransomware has become prevalent and can cause significant downtime and leaving businesses with no choice but to pay the ransom. The bad actors aren’t just trying to steal personal, identifiable
All Employers Should Have a Leave of Absence Policy
Suzanne Dodge, Risk Strategies Company
Employers of all sizes inadvertently put themselves at risk by not having a policy establishing how long to continue benefits during a leave of absence (LOA). So, before the important questions arise