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The Rise of Cyber Crime Against Affluent Individuals
HUB International Personal Insurance
As many as 20% of family offices have knowingly experienced a cyber security attack prior to the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s likely that number is significantly higher today. Learn how to
COVID-19 Vaccine Communications: Walking the Messaging Tight Rope
HUB International Personal Insurance
Crafting the right message can be tricky at the best of times—add a global pandemic and new vaccine to the mix and the process can be downright terrifying. Depending on the needs and culture of
Building Momentum: Marketing & Social Media Best Practices for Business Owners
BMO Family Office
In this educational webinar for business owners, business banking and social media experts will take you through marketing and social media best practices to help you pivot your brand positioning and
Building Momentum: Decoding your Business Data
BMO Family Office
From start-up founders, to self-employed individuals, making real financial progress towards your goal is a universal priority for business owners. Watch this educational webinar to receive tips,
Philanthropy of Their Own: How Women Are Shaping the Future of Family Giving
BMO Family Office
With women’s wealth on the upswing and their influence on charitable giving at peak levels, Kris Yamano shares her insights on how they are transforming philanthropic giving and shaping the
IRS Enforcement Ramping Up—and How to Protect Yourself
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis
With the IRS increasing their funding and enforcement, upper income taxpayers should expect the IRS audit coverage to increase dramatically on them. It’s important to prepare for the tax
The Uberization 2.0 Trend Shaping Innovation in Asset Management
Uber rethought and deconstructed the traditional value chain in its industry to create a new technology-enabled business model centered on enlisting the capabilities, assets, or knowledge of
State of the SPAC Market
Risk Strategies Company
Is the Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) market dimming? Not likely. Even as the SPAC market takes a breather from its hypersonic acceleration in early 2021, new funders
Global Family Office Trends: Spotlight on Singapore
Singapore is increasingly synonymous with family offices. Since 2019, the country has seen a growing number of high-profiled businesspeople establish family offices there. So, why Singapore, exactly
Simply Tax Podcast: Simply the People Stuff
BKD CPAs & Advisors
“I’m 100 percent not you, and you’re 100 percent not me.”— Find out why that powerful reminder from guest Cassie Atteberry is the key to making the “people stuff