Industry Trends


Flexible Trusts to Deal With Future Uncertainties
South Dakota Trust Company
Flexible trust planning has never been more important as a result of current and future health, political, economic, and tax uncertainty. Modern directed trusts are one of the best vehicles to
Courageous Conversation Guide: Hosting an Inclusive Leadership Conversation to Drive Racial Understanding
Organizations are better when they seek to understand and attract, retain, and grow top talent. They are also better when they have a culture that appreciates diverse perspectives and backgrounds, is
2022 Market Outlook
Asset Consulting Group
Last year was another challenging and disruptive year for public health and global trade. Despite pandemic-driven dislocations, supportive government policies propelled most economies and “risk
CIO Insights 2022 Outlook: No Quick Fixes
Deutsche Bank Wealth Management
2022 should be viewed as a transition year as the global economic and investment environment evolves in search of a new reality. Inflation and central banks will be in focus, along with other shifts
2022 Wealth Planning Outlook: Wealth, Redefined
Northern Trust
A new year always brings a spirit of change, but 2022 sees a distinct—and unprecedented—momentum for individuals and families to align their values and wealth planning. In this outlook of
The Global Risks Report 2022
Marsh McLennan and World Economic Forum
Prioritize your risk strategies for 2022 and beyond with this 17th edition of the Global Risks Report, which explores the areas that your organization should safeguard against and capitalize on as
Crypto Currency's Inevitable Entry into the Mainstream Economy
Perkins Coie
In this conversation, U.S. Congressman Darren Soto of Florida's 9th District tells us what the U.S. Congress is doing to regulate crypto currency and its inevitable introduction into the
Seven Technology Industry Predictions for 2022
While 2021 revealed the resiliency of the tech industry and inspired innovation amid spikes in demand, the tech landscape in 2022 will be shaped by the confluence of various factors. From impending
Recruiting, Engaging & Retaining Talent in a World in Flux
HUB International Personal Insurance
In today’s workplace environment, organizations face heightened challenges for employee recruitment, retention, wellbeing, and engagement. Understanding how to attract new employees, while
Today's Business Imperative: Shared & Sustainable Value Creation
Adoption of an ESG strategy may begin as a reactive response to regulatory, investor, employee, or other stakeholder pressures, but that shouldn’t be where it ends. To reorient business