Industry Trends


Sometimes Cash Isn't King: Contributing Non-Cash Assets
Schwab Advisor Family Office
When thinking about making a donation to support a charity, most of us immediately think about writing a check or typing in a credit card number. Even when we proactively think about using other
Benefits of Donating Cryptocurrency to Charity
Schwab Advisor Family Office
For charitably minded individuals, cryptocurrency investments—such as Bitcoin and Ethereum—held more than one year may provide a unique opportunity to leverage highly appreciated assets
Private Equity Expanding Pursuits in Health Care Investment
Risk Strategies Company
The trend of private equity (PE) firms seeking high returns in health care has been in full bloom for more than a decade. But whereas previously PE was focused on a top-down approach of buying
The Changing Role of the Chief Investment Officer
Plante Moran
As families grow their investment function, the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) must provide insight and flexibility to serve varied and changing investment platforms. While much of the CIO’s
Digital Assets: An Essential Component of your Estate Plan
BMO Family Office
Without proper planning, digital assets could be lost. For executors, a challenge is often just determining whether digital assets are in the decedent's estate, and then determining the powers
Inflation, the Fed's Response and Market Implications
Gresham Partners
U.S. inflation reached an annualized rate of 7.0% in December 2021, its fastest pace in nearly four decades. Even the core price index, which excludes the volatile categories of food and energy,
2022 Sustainable and Impact Investing Outlook: Reimagining the Future
The sustainable and impact investing industry continues to scale, affording investors an increased level of influence on public and private markets. The most pronounced investor opportunity is
Alternative Investment Themes for 2022
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
As outlined in the 2022 Capital Markets Assumptions, it highlighted a more challenging return environment and the increasing importance of alternatives within a well-diversified portfolio.
10-Year Capital Market Assumptions, 2022
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Overall, the results of the 2022 10-year capital market assumptions are mixed depending on the asset class when compared to last year’s assumptions as the global recovery gains traction. We see
Private Capital: Navigating the Latest Investment Darling
Investors rode the wave of strong equity returns in 2021. While public equity fueled impressive investment returns, private equity and venture capital performance took portfolios to the next level.