Industry Trends


The Self-Disruptive Leader
Korn Ferry
Disruptive forces are driving the future of work. By analyzing the leadership profiles of 150,000 leaders, this study underlines the five key qualities of effective, future-focused leadership—
Responsible Investing Without the Hype
Greycourt & Co.
The main threat to responsible investing (RI) is the very success of the idea itself. There are now so many investors, and so much capital, looking for RI investments that the usual financial
Global Equity Investing: The Benefits of Diversification and Sizing Your Allocation
Investors can diversify their portfolios through equity allocations to markets outside their home market. Despite this opportunity, investors on average have maintained allocations to their home
Phantom Stock
Korn Ferry
One of the biggest hurdles for family businesses is the need to develop an attractive long-term incentive plan that recognizes enterprise value over time and is competitive with plans offered by
Nebraska Exempts "M&A Brokers" from State Broker-Dealer Registration Requirements
Koley Jessen, P.C.
On August 9, 2019, the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance issued the Interpretive Opinion No. 19 that excludes M&A Brokers from the Nebraska Securities Act’s definition of broker-
Soar with Private Flight
BMO Family Office
Roughly 15 percent of ultra-high net worth individuals worldwide rely on private aircraft for most personal and business flights. Determining whether the time is right to join their ranks depends on
Cannabis: How High is High?
Ballentine Partners
Recent legislation and changing public opinion has led to the birth of an exciting, fast-growth new industry: cannabis. Companies eager to capitalize on the trend toward legalization are moving
Pathways to Sustainable Investing: Insights from Families and Peers
Cambridge Associates
Interest in sustainable investing is growing each day as wealth owners, families, and family office professionals start down the path of sustainability investing. This paper details the typical path
Preparing to Sell Your Business: How to Get Started With a Successful Exit Strategy
Jay Halverson, First Republic Private Wealth
If you are a business owner, one thing is certain: At some point, you will exit your company. In order to leave—on your terms and when the time is right—you should begin to design your
Why the Great Wealth Transfer Is More Like the Great Wealth Trickle
There’s no denying that the looming transfer of wealth will be great—the largest in history. However, for all the hype and years of coverage, the Great Wealth Transfer is more like the