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Real Estate Tech, Taxation, and Representation
Real estate has always been a tax-advantaged investment class, especially in the U.S. where rules allow you to shelter income or cashflow through depreciable losses and other mechanisms. For the
NOW Podcast: Exploring the Future of Energy with Daniel Yergin
Brown Advisory
The stakes are high: climate change is creating an urgent need for a lower-carbon economy, and the Biden administration will face the daunting challenge of reigniting the U.S. economy in the wake of
NOW Podcast: Radical Transparency—The Secret to Building a Purpose-Driven Business that Does Good and Performs Well
Brown Advisory
Thinking that you have to trade off financial performance and sustainability is a “false dichotomy” and a “ridiculous mindset,” according to Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever, one of
How Family Offices Are Coping in a Dramatic 2020
A combination of health, economic, and financial challenges has created a higher level of uncertainty than ever before—worse even than the 2008 global downturn. However, COVID-19 has created a
Muni Investors Can Prioritize the "S" in ESG with Social Bonds
A growing demand for a more equitable and inclusive society has emerged in a year marked by turmoil and uncertainty. Fixed income issuers are starting to respond to that demand by offering 
The Housing Market and the Recession: This Time Really is Different, But Will it Last?
Wilmington Trust
The housing market’s role as one of the key drivers of the current recovery has been notable and stands in stark contrast to its role as a key driver of the last recession (2008-2009). Its
A Divided Government Puts a Premium on Compromise
Washington will be a different place under a Biden administration, but it won’t be a different enough to cause a seismic shift across the investment landscape. While some observers fear a
The Materiality of the “S” in “ESG”
Brown Advisory
The environmental, social, and governance (ESG) research among institutional investors has historically focused mostly on the “E” and the “G,” leaving social issues as
Performance and Sustainable Investing: You Can Have it Both Ways
Brown Advisory
Investing sustainably does not mean sacrificing returns. In fact, the opposite is true across many different asset classes. A closer look shows how investments in private equity, public equity,
What the Volatility Markets Are Telling Us About the 2020 Election’s Impact
Election Day in the U.S. has the potential to surprise in many aspects, and this year’s election outcome will have a profound impact on equity valuations—or at least that’s