Industry Trends

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Virtual Currencies
Investors are purchasing and selling virtual currencies (also known as “crypto currencies”) at a faster rate than ever before. Although these virtual currencies are not legal
Equity Compensation
The ability to attract, retain, and reward a superior workforce is fundamental to every organization’s long-term growth. One way to achieve it is to offer stock options to employees, giving
Tax Planning for Education
Education is an expense that impacts many families each year. As the cost of secondary and higher education continue to rise, many families should consider the tax benefits of funding educational
Planned Giving
There are many considerations that go into making a planned gift, including the maximization of its impact. There are three types of planned giving: lifetime giving, giving at death, and hybrid
Family Wealth Advisors Insights
Bank of the West
There is great responsibility when serving the ultra-high net worth clients, especially those who are concerned about preserving a family legacy and the successful transfer of their wealth and/or
Middle Market Businesses Refrain from Capex Investments Despite Tax Incentives
In order to sustain their businesses for the long term, successful business owners tend to be thoughtful in their investments. They act like chess masters, deciding their next five moves in order to
Are Incentive Trusts Gaining Popularity?
Al W. King III, South Dakota Trust Company
Incentive trusts are typically defined as trusts with provisions to encourage or discourage certain types of behavior and promote family values. Despite their appeal, they remain underutilized. One
Family Meeting Handbook
BMO Wealth Management – CTC | myCFO
Creativity, patience, tolerance, and “flexibility” are the keys to planning, holding, and advancing Family Meetings. While there are guidelines to help and ideas to utilize, it is
Big Ticket Purchase? Ask Your Picasso to Pay
Artwork, along with other types of assets, can be used as collateral for a loan to purchase property, invest in a business, or to buy more art. There are no limitations on the use of the proceeds.
Impact Investing under the Uniform Prudent Investor Act
Casey Clark, Glenmede
Three converging trends—including a shift from negative to positive screening—are making it easier for investors to implement impact investment programs that deliver competitive returns.