Industry Trends


Social Equity Investing: From Ideas to Action
Cambridge Associates
Thought leaders and practitioners discuss key investment risks and opportunities through a social equity lens, and are joined by Judy Belk, president and CEO of The California Wellness Foundation,
The Emergence of the Virtual Family Office
COVID-19 has forced organizations of all kinds to consider what the future of their operations would look like in a post COVID-19 world. Family offices were no exception. Rapidly fading are the days
Location, Location, Vaccination
Asset Consulting Group
The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated the move from traditional office environment to work-from-home for most American office workers. It is clear that a significant portion of workers will
Deglobalization Threatens the World Economy and Investors Alike
One of today’s dominant macro-trends is the reversal of globalization—the free flow of people, goods, services, capital, technology, and ideas across national borders. COVID-19 has
Reopening and Readjusting: Preparing for a Diagnosis or Resurgence in the Coming Months
Schiff Hardin
Many companies were caught off-guard in the spring when diagnoses of COVID-19 multiplied rapidly and forced businesses to close or drastically change their policies with little warning. Now companies
Reopening and Readjusting: Communicating COVID-19 Policies to All Stakeholders
Schiff Hardin
There are policy changes and new procedures that companies—including family offices—should consider when reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly given the increase in cases in
Election 2020: Will Estate Planning Ever Be the Same?
Schiff Hardin
New tax legislation is most likely to happen if next year the Democratic Party controls the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the White House. Now is the time to develop a contingency plan
Biden v. Trump: Tax Planning in Uncertain Times
Compardo, Wienstroer, Conrad & Janes at Moneta
As a clearer picture of each U.S. presidential candidate’s platforms emerges, many have yet to consider how a potential change in leadership may impact their current estate tax and income tax.
Capital Market Assumptions: Five-Year Outlook
Northern Trust
In recent years, global equities had slightly outpaced market forecasts for lower equity returns. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit the global economy, putting an end to the 10-year bull market. Equity
Seeing, Facilitating, and Assessing Systems Change
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
To make progress on challenging issues of social and environmental problems, strategic funders understand the need to address the systems that maintain and exacerbate them. Drawing on secondary