Industry Trends


Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence—the 2021 Survey Results
In this 12th annual survey, the focus was on the back office areas and internal fund operations. The results highlight other trends and key insights in the hedge fund industry: growth in assets
Business Ownership at a Crossroad: Key Questions for Planning What's Next
Cambridge Associates
There are a range of opinions about the pros and cons of maintaining concentrated ownership in a business. Many owners believe strongly in maintaining control, particularly when they continue to have
Crypto Considerations
Cambridge Associates
The polarizing and often misunderstood cryptoasset landscape has grown exponentially in recent years. While there are substantial risks associated with these young assets, they continue to grow in
The Market in Five Charts and a Special Global Webinar: What Does the Ukraine Crisis Mean for the Markets?
In this segment of The Market in Five Charts, Chief Investment Officer Rick Pitcairn addresses the Ukraine crisis and its impact on capital markets through the following lens:US equity market is
What Fixed Income ESG Investors Should Keep on the Radar in 2022
The ESG-labeled bond issuance has been significantly growing and is likely to persist, along with investor interest in this segment of the fixed income markets. What can responsible investors in this
Strategic Growth Plans: The Basics, the Barriers, and the Pivot to Success
Baker Tilly
Successful strategic growth planning occurs when a company identifies opportunities for growth and then focuses its organization to be efficient and effective in the pursuit of those opportunities.
Lack of Talent Tops List of Limits to Strategic Growth Success
Baker Tilly
Companies and family offices face many barriers to the success of their strategic growth plans. Learn what the top limits are of strategic growth success and how to overcome these challenges.
2022 BDO Tax Outlook Survey: Tax Policy Uncertainty Weighs on Tax Executives
In this Tax Outlook Survey, 150 tax executives were polled on questions ranging from their tax planning strategies to their views on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. The
Retaining Talent During the Great Resignation
During the Great Resignation, retaining talent has become a big challenge for many employers who know that losing talent can be costly and high-performing employees are difficult to replace. While
The State of the Commodities Market
The tailwinds that greeted commodities in 2021 have moderated, but they are not gone. Faced with strong economic growth and high inflation, the market expects the Fed to run down its balance sheet