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Year 2019: 10-Year Capital Market Return Assumptions
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
When developing capital market assumptions, most forecasters start with assumptions around two of the most fundamental economic variables: growth and inflation. Research indicates that demographics
Tax Consequences of U.S. Investments for Non-U.S. Citizens
Northern Trust
If you are a global family and are considering an investment in the United States, you may have questions about the U.S. tax rules. Through a series of 10 key questions, answers are provided to help
Addressing the Complexities of Communication and Family Learning
Ascent Private Capital Management
Families that have accumulated significant assets want to know how to best prepare the “rising generation” to help them maximize the benefits available to them, while also minimizing the
U.S. Labor Market – How Low Can Unemployment Go?
Asset Consulting Group
Millions of new jobs have been created since 2010, with unemployment close to its lowest level since the late 60s. Though the U.S. has experienced one of the longest economic expansions ever, wage
Women and Wealth Series, Parts 1 - 4
Ascent Private Capital Management
While the scale and pace of women’s wealth ownership may be growing at unprecedented rates, the culture around wealth and money decisions is deeply embedded in history that includes
Inbound Wealth Planning for the Global Family
Northern Trust
With the ever-evolving nature of international tax, the non-U.S. resident or non-U.S. citizen with activities in the United States (referred to as “inbound” activities) and their U.S.
SCOTUS Rules that North Carolina Tax on Certain Trusts Violates the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment
On June 21, 2019, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a unanimous opinion finding that North Carolina’s imposition of an income tax on trusts based solely on the residence of a trust
Family Meetings
Northern Trust
Wealthy families usually have extensive shared assets that are designed to grow and be passed down through multiple generations. As the family enterprise grows (family business and/or the family
2018 Family Office Benchmarking Report: Balancing Family and Financials
Northern Trust
Holistic financial planning is critical to family wealth management, and balancing financial and family issues is at the center of the process. Today’s Family Office requires highly skilled
2019 Wealth Planning Outlook
Northern Trust
2018 brought radical transformation in the federal tax landscape. The effects continue to cascade through the economy, and individuals, families and businesses are striving to find equilibrium amid