Investment Outlook: Are Markets Set to “Peter” or “Pan” Out?


In this mid-summer session, Deutsche Bank’s Larry Adam shared his perspective and investment outlook for the remainder of the year. Given the prolonged strength of the U.S. economy and near record long financial market rallies, Larry reminded us of the lesson from Peter Pan that “Time is Chasing After All of Us” and analyzes whether or not these trends can continue.

In this session, we examined:

  • The US Economy:  Will It Ever Grow Old?  Could it become the longest expansion in American history?
  • Market Risks:  What “Hook’s Poison” may be on the Horizon? Politics, Deficits, Trade and more.
  • Bond Market:  Leaving Neverland—Will Interest Rates Move Higher? Will the Yield Curve Invert?
  • Equities:  Tinkering With “Pixie Dust”?  Regional and Sector Selectivity Matters.
  • Dollar:  The Lost Boys Need Guidance!  Will the Dollar Continue its Recent Surge?
  • Commodities:  Fantasies vs Realities.  Where will oil and gold prices sail to?

Date Published: Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Larry Adam, CIO - Americas and Global Chief Investment Strategist – Deutsche Bank Wealth Management

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