Key Trust States’ Innovative Proposals Supporting Private Family Trust Companies and Family Trusts


This is featured programming for the FOX Private Family Trust Company Network.
This program provides an exclusive and unprecedented “behind the scenes” look at the new and innovative trust and private family trust company legislative and regulatory proposals being considered or about to be introduced in the five more favorable private family trust company states, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wyoming. Not coincidentally, these are also five of the six best family trust law states according to Trusts and Estates’ latest rankings.
PFTC pioneer John Duncan helped elicit the highlights of what their states are considering from a panel of regulators and attorneys active in developing the proposals, including banking Commissioner Greg Gonzales of Tennessee and Director of Trust Supervision Spencer Culp of New Hampshire. The proposals ranged from moderating the application and supervisory burdens for PFTCs to authorizing international PFTC offices to ground breaking trust law updates and even a concept that may limit federal taxation on trusts.
Most of what was heard in this webinar has not been widely publicized or even previously made public at all. Attendance would be well-advised for families and family office executives with or considering PFTCs or any family needing to be aware of forthcoming laws and regulations supporting PFTCs and other strategies for multi-generational family sustainability. Multi-family offices and advisors recognizing the need to deliver the best trust laws to their clients should also lend an ear.

Date Published: Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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