Making the Grade: Family Office Strategic Assessments


Families that thrive for multiple generations invest their time, talent and resources to ensure their family offices have thoughtful and flexible programs to be successful. When should families consider a strategic assessment of their family office? How do wealth owners and family office executives conduct such an assessment? What is the link to best practices? And what is the role of outside third parties?

This webinar is a discussion of how families can perform a strategic review of all aspects of their family office operations and interactions with the family, from governance and decision-making to investment processes, operating policies, organization and management, as well as budgets and allocation of costs.

Listen in as our FOX consulting team sets forth a framework and discusses their experience working with family offices. The discussion will incorporate multiple case studies and examples from past engagements while maintaining confidentiality.

Date Published: Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This webinar recording is available to FOX members and is available for purchase by FOX Public Network Guests.