Liquidity Hazard Planning for Families of Wealth
Cambridge Associates
Consistently revisiting potential liquidity risk is important work for family investors, as many of these risks can lay silent for prolonged periods and become easy to overlook. In fact, unexpected
6 Best Practices for Addressing Employee Mental Health Needs
HUB International Personal Insurance
With depression affecting as many as one in three adults, greater attention has been given to mental health in the workplace—including the impact poor mental health has on workplace morale,
Family Office Location Guide
Selecting or reviewing the location of your family office is a highly complex and challenging exercise. As your family grows and gains assets and business interests that are often outside your home
Sustaining Wealth Through a Well Defined Shared Family Capital Strategy
It is not uncommon for enterprising families to end up making sub-optimal capital allocation decisions due to limited visibility into, and planning around, the entirety of their shared family assets
Get Continuity Right in Your Family Enterprise
As enterprising families expand across generations, they often stray from their entrepreneurial wealth creation roots to a more risk-averse wealth-protection mode. However, if maintaining shared
Impact Investing for Family Offices
For the wealth owners—and the family offices managing their assets—the opportunities that impact investing presents are arguably greater than for any other type of investor. While impact
The Most Critical Factors for AI Legal Compliance: Transparency and Explainability
Foley & Lardner
As artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GAI) continue to evolve and become integral to business operations, businesses must be mindful of the risks associated with deploying AI solutions.
Simplifying Family Investment Portfolios
Cambridge Associates
A dynamic portfolio can help address a number of investment challenges that families of wealth face, including varying multigenerational preferences, unique tax considerations, domicile requirements
Real Estate Manager’s Survival Guide in a Hard Insurance Market
HUB International Personal Insurance
Because of losses in catastrophe-prone areas and other hard market factors, insurance carriers have pulled back the amount of insurance they’ll offer. Despite the hard market, real estate
Protecting Wealth in Turbulent Times: Risk Management Strategies for Affluent Families
HUB International Personal Insurance
Wealthy families have always faced complex risk management issues, but it is particularly challenging when facing soaring inflation, regulatory uncertainty, rising cybercrime rates, and increasingly