How Family Office Internal Controls Safeguard Assets and Mitigate Risks
Plante Moran
Families hire family office staff with the expectation that the office keeps their information, assets, and reputation protected. To safeguard the families’ interests, it’s critical for
From Donation to Philanthropy: How Charitable Giving Has Evolved Generationally
BMO Family Office
Charitable giving used to predominantly exist as a transaction, but it has evolved into a philanthropic relationship rooted in long-term impact goals for all generations—from Boomers
Integrating Fiduciary and Family Office Structures with a Virtual Family Office
Willow Street Group
A private family trust company (PTC) often serves as an excellent governance framework and corporate structure for a virtual family office (VFO) by providing integrated, holistic oversight of
Best Practices for the Family Office Tax Function
Plante Moran
A best-in-class family office tax function goes beyond preparing timely tax returns to drive tax strategy and reduce the overall income, gift, and estate tax burden across generations. Given the role
3 Risks Your Corporate Insider Threat Program May be Overlooking
Red Five Security
Corporate insiders pose a unique threat as they are given privileged access to the company’s assets and are trusted to use that access responsibly and ethically. However, this can go awry in
2022 Ukraine Crisis Giving Guide
Tolleson Wealth Management
With many interested in helping the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, this list provides suggestions on where you can donate. As with any donations, make sure your donation is secure by donating
Three Gaps an Owner Must Monitor
Baker Tilly
A gap between one’s perception and reality can cause disappointment, frustration, and concern. For the business owners, who need to understand their position in the market compared to its
Volatile Economic Signals Present Opportunity for Beneficial Re-evaluation of Estate and Business Plans
Baker Tilly
After more than a decade of record low interest rates, the combination of inflation and increasing interest rates has investors jittery; however, it also presents an opportunity for high-net-worth
Collective Investment Trusts and Good Governance Considerations
Wilmington Trust
Interest in collective investment trusts (CITs) as plan investment options is steadily accelerating. As part of this growing attention, CIT governance practices, and the policies and procedures banks
Employee Stock Ownership Plans for Your Business
For decades, owners of privately held companies have used Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) to sell their business and unlock meaningful liquidity while preserving their legacy. Current federal