Helping Your Children Prepare for an Inheritance
If you’re not used to having conversations surrounding family wealth, it can be an uncomfortable experience that can lead to in-fighting and a breakdown in trust. That’s especially true
Compliance Management System: You Better Have One, or Else
Holland & Knight
In today’s environment, it’s crucial for a company to have a compliance management system (a CMS) to manage risks associated with changing product and service offerings and also helps
We May Never See a Better Environment for Transferring Wealth … Here’s Why
It may seem that there will always be time to address estate planning. However, a unique opportunity to maximize the amount of wealth that can be tax-efficiently passed to heirs will expire at the
Legacy in Family Philanthropy: A Modern Framework
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Families are reconsidering their motivations for giving and how their philanthropy carries forward their values, aims, and objectives. It’s promoting deeper intentionality, humility, empathy,
Legacy in Family Philanthropy: A Modern Framework Workbook
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Through interviews with dozens of donors, Legacy in Family Philanthropy: A Modern Framework, explores big concepts, such as how the ever-evolving idea of legacy relates to values-driven giving and a
Exploring the FTC’s Aggressive Effort to Limit Employment Agreements
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Consumer Protection Attorney Anthony DiResta takes a look at the Federal Trade Commission's proposed rule to ban non-compete clauses in employment agreements. Mr. DiResta analyzes wide-ranging
Ten Minute Interview: Business Succession Planning
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Drawing examples from HBO’s hit show Succession, where the members of the wealthy Roy family each vie for control of their family-owned business, attorney Stephanie Derks of Foley & Lardner
Why the Modern Family Office Matters
Mutual Trust Pty Ltd.
Wealthy families have a significant positive socio-economic impact around the world, but lasting impact depends on those families prospering for generations. This is not guaranteed, however, and more
Unveiling the Top Areas of Venture Capital Investment in 2023
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While there has been an ongoing slowdown in venture capital funding for startups, the slowdown appears to be leveling and suggesting that the market may be normalizing. Furthermore, investors are
The Real Economy: Economic Headwinds and the Middle Market
Consumer spending, bolstered by trillions in excess savings built up during the pandemic, has been a pillar of the American economy as it has recovered in recent years. But there are signs that this