Responsible Investing
With an ever-growing number of investors looking to incorporate their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into their portfolios, responsible investing is no longer a niche
Cybersecurity Best Practices for Family Offices
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Family offices are a key target for cybersecurity breaches and, with many organizations requiring their employees to work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the risks have only increased. With
How to Avoid Costly Estate Planning Pitfalls When Making Stock Transfers and Recapitalizations Involving Nonvoting Stock
Willamette Management Associates
S corporation shareholder agreements should be carefully crafted by legal counsel in order to avoid certain events that can imperil the company’s S election. One important consideration is the
Estate Planning: How to Choose a Trustee
Tolleson Wealth Management
Death isn’t something many want to think about, but estate planning is a complex topic with consequential decisions. Tolleson Wealth Management President Richard Joyner discusses what to think
Developing a Resilient Ranch Strategy
Single Iron Management
If you are a ranch owner, your job will be to provide synergy among the three key resources—labor, capital, and management—to get the best and most sustainable results over the long run.
Trustee Selection: The Five Principles to Consider
Tolleson Wealth Management
A trustee’s job is to carry out the intent of the trust creator, using the trust document as a roadmap. Trustees and beneficiaries must work to build a mutually beneficial relationship to
Family Directors: An Insider's Perspective From a Seven-Generation Family
No matter if a family enterprise is establishing an Advisory Board, Fiduciary Board, or Owners Board, considerations must include the roles that family members might play and how best to prepare them
Stars in Your Eyes: How Credit Upgrades Benefit Corporate Bond Investors
Going from rising stars to fallen angels, a record number of corporate bonds were downgraded to high-yield status in 2020. Against a backdrop of economic expansion and the credit markets entering a
Family Philathropy Speaks: a Conversation with Irene Pritzker and Liesel Pritzker Simmons
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Liesel Pritzker Simmons, principal and co-founder of Blue Haven Initiative, and her mom Irene Pritzker, president of the IDP Foundation, have built innovative family philanthropy efforts. In this
What Investors Should Know About ESG in Fixed Income
It’s understandable that investors have questions and concerns about ESG investing in the fixed income markets. However, investors can align their values with their fixed income