The Talent Problem, Revisited
Baker Tilly
Attracting and retaining talent was a significant problem for many organizations before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it continues to be a major issue across most industries. While the pandemic
Data Security Incident Report 2022—Resilience and Perseverance
Diving deep into the metrics from more than 1,270 data security incidents, this one-of-a-kind report features actionable insights and checklists to help companies improve their data security measures
Understanding Your Role as a Trustee for Your Family
Warner Norcross + Judd
Serving as a trustee for your family can be a valuable experience for you, while also providing an important service to your family. But before you accept the position, make sure that you understand
Business Ownership at a Crossroads: Key Questions for Planning What's Next
Cambridge Associates
There are a range of opinions about the pros and cons of maintaining concentrated ownership in a business. For many business owners, a company represents more than an asset. Consequently,
While Great Entrepreneurs Leap, Great Investors Plan
Cambridge Associates
Both successful business leadership and portfolio management depend on many similar traits, including conviction, expertise, hard work, and teamwork. But to be successful as an investor over the long
U.S. and British Law Enforcement Agencies Issue Unprecedented Warning About Chinese Espionage Efforts
Foley & Lardner
While China has denied engaging in espionage efforts as outlined in the joint warning from the U.S. and British law enforcement agencies, it is crucial for businesses to defend against the
How and Why to Do a Pre-College Summer Program
While there are many ways for a high school student to gain meaningful experiences during the summer for college, one excellent way is to attend a pre-college program. Learn how can you choose the
4 Ways To Make This Summer Count For College
Every year, college application rates continue to rise at the most selective colleges in the country, and the admissions process only becomes more competitive. In order to stand out as a top student
Good for Business, Good for the World
Social responsibility is not new to family businesses. However, issues related to sustainability, climate risk, poverty, and uncertainty in many parts of the world are rising in importance. Leaders
More Families Can Now Take Advantage of a $24.12 Million “Portable” Estate Tax Exemption
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis
For families with significant wealth, a new IRS Revenue Procedure could result in millions of dollars in tax savings. The procedure makes the Deceased Spouse Unused Exclusion available up to five