Triage Tax Planning in the US: Adapting to an Uncertain Tax Bill
Cambridge Associates
The Build Back Better Act recently introduced in the US House of Representatives includes many tax provisions that would significantly impact US taxpayers. However, any major bill’s road from
Education in a Family Office: Strengthening the Family Legacy
Whether knowledge is shared around the dinner table or in a boardroom, starting family member education early puts a family office in a strong position to strengthen the family’s legacy. While
Tax Implications of Residency Changes
Baker Tilly
Residency changes are often fraught with uncertainty from a tax perspective. States are not known for easily letting go of tax revenue and will often fight hard to keep it. If you have you relocated
Keys to an Effective Family Office Governance Framework
Governance is the critical framework for decision making and the command and control of the family office. There are several key pillars to the development of successful family office governance, one
Give your Family Office Structure the Attention It Deserves
Baker Tilly
Family offices, much like the families that need them, are works in progress. You can’t just set up a family office ownership structure and think it won’t need some type of attention in
Tax Law Changes Are Coming Soon
BMO Family Office
The proposed Build Back America Act, a $1.85 trillion social-policy and climate framework, is working its way through Congress. While the notable prior proposals were absent, the current legislation
Risk Tops Concerns as Private Equity Races to Close Deals
Drivers of the deal flow—from exits to succession planning to anticipated capital gains tax increases—are higher across the board, signaling a voracity for deals. At the same time, fund
Planning for the Unknown: Preparing for Potential Tax Increases Under the Biden Administration
The Biden administration’s American Families and other tax proposals may complicate the tax landscape for high-income owners. Given the real possibility of targeted tax increases on the wealthy
Estate Tax Planning in 2021: Uncertainty Abounds but Options Still Exist
While the gift and estate tax exemption is scheduled to drop to approximately one-half the current amount of $11.7 million on January 1, 2026, there are tax proposals in play that could change the
Estate Planning Changes Are Ghosted in Latest Version of Build Back Better Act
Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C.
As negotiations continue, the latest text of the proposed reconciliation bill, titled Build Back Better Act, is void of many of the prior proposed tax changes that would have upended estate planning.