Transitioning to a New Market Cycle Requires a Fresh Look at Risk
Investor anxiety is shifting from the impact of COVID-19 to the changes that may come with the removal of stimulus measures. Investors can make the transition to a new market cycle by managing their
Roll-Down Impact on Bond Returns
Investors have been building bond portfolios using a laddered strategy since the early 1900s. Even in a flat or rising rate environment, a ladder’s total return can materially exceed its
Homebuying Guide
UMB Family Wealth
If you’ve decided to purchase a home, whether you are a first-time homebuyer or you’ve purchased before, you need to familiarize yourself with the homebuying process. Once you understand
Factor Investors: Three Ways Tracking Error Keeps an Investment Strategy on Course
When in the pursuit of enhanced risk-adjusted returns, investors with strong convictions are often drawn to factor investing—tilting portfolios toward a particular factor like value, low
Simple Guide to Tracking Error
When it comes to an investment strategy, it is important to consider the tracking error (TE) as it allows investors to quickly get a sense of how much deviation from a stated benchmark they
Demystifying Decision Making in Family Philanthropy
National Center for Family Philanthropy
This issue brief examines the kinds of decisions that family foundations often face and sets out practical, easy-to-apply guidelines for ensuring that the foundation’s decision-making methods
President Biden's Tax Plans? General Explanation of Administration's Fiscal Year 2022 Revenue Proposals
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis
As family offices consider their tax planning strategy, it becomes especially important for their tax attorneys, financial executives, and legal team to conduct an analysis of the Biden
Schwab Charitable Giving Guide
Schwab Advisor Family Office
The purpose of this Guide is to provide donors like you with a comprehensive resource—including a giving planner based on the completion of eight decision-point activities—to help
Inflation and Real Assets
Asset Consulting Group
Recent government spending and loose monetary policy have raised near-term inflation concerns for investors and asset manager. While inflation has not been a meaningful factor since the 1980s, rising
Time To Bet Against The US Dollar?
Asset Consulting Group
We are currently experiencing one of the longest periods of U.S. dollar strength in the last 50 years, leading some to question if it’s time for a reversal. Learn what drives the dollar and how