Alternative Investment Series—Part 1: What You Should Know
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What Tax Technology Looks Like in 2021 and Beyond
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Schiff Hardin
As COVID-19 cases have spiked across the country, many businesses have adjusted certain operations with an eye on customer and employee safety, as well as to ensure compliance with recent changes to
How Companies Can Approach Wider Availability of COVID-19 Vaccines in the Coming Months
Schiff Hardin
After a very difficult 2020, rapid vaccine development has sparked optimism among the public and in the business community. But there’s a long road ahead while infections remain high. During
The Changing Investor Landscape Under COVID-19
A common sentiment in today’s market is that COVID-19 will have an impact on what types of investors will be active over the next few years. Many industry experts expect private equity (PE)
Common Ways to Resolve Disputes and Deadlocks in a 50/50 Business
Schiff Hardin
At some point in a business relationship, differences of opinion are likely to arise. In businesses where there are equal owners of the company or in a 50/50 business, it is important to ensure that
Have You Had "The Talk" with Your Kids? (No, not that one. The one about your estate plan.)
Warner Norcross & Judd
Even if you are not yet ready to share the family's wealth numbers, communicating your intentions to the next generations promotes family harmony and is a best practice for successfully
What Is a Family Vision and Why Do You Need One
Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth
Learn why most successful families develop a shared vision for their future together, how they go about it, and what impact it has on their well-being.
2021 Estate Planning Outlook: Transfer Tax Changes on the Horizon
Schiff Hardin
The big question in the estate planning world today is whether, when, and to what extent the U.S. Congress will enact changes to gift, estate, and income tax laws. With many challenges facing the new