Legal Document Checklist for Children Heading to College
Gresham Partners
Generally, parents lose access to their child’s health and financial information once the child becomes a legal adult at the age of 18 unless certain steps are taken. To
The Entrepreneur’s Trust
Northern Trust
Rather than viewing trusts as a mechanism to protect beneficiaries from the dangers of wealth, what if trusts were viewed as vehicles to “ignite a fire” within the next generation?
2023 Guide to Tax and Wealth Planning
Entering this year, individuals and businesses faced significant macroeconomic risks—possible recession, elevated inflation, rising interest rates, and geopolitical challenges. The
The World Awaits: A Practical Approach to Living Outside the U.S.
On the rise is Americans’ interest in living outside the U.S. for an extended period or even indefinitely. There are many different reasons for wanting to move to new countries, including
Managing the Risks of Generative AI
Something revolutionary has happened. Suddenly, anyone with an internet connection, armed only with the ability to hold a conversation in a chat app, could wield the transformative power of
Is Your Family Office Reaching Its Full Potential?
Family offices continue to be the preferred way for ultra-high net worth individuals and families to manage assets and to support the goals and legacy of their family. But today the existing 14,000+
Ten Minute Interview: Domestic Workers and Family Offices
Foley & Lardner
In this interview, attorney John Litchfield of Foley & Lardner’s Labor & Employment group discusses the key considerations family offices should keep in mind when it comes to domestic
Teaching Your Old Trust New Tricks: How to Modify an Irrevocable Trust
Northern Trust
Simply because the instrument governing your trust states that it is irrevocable and cannot be amended does not mean it cannot be modified to serve your family’s needs in a better fashion.
Capital Market Assumptions Through a Long-Duration Lens: Key Considerations for Family Offices Over the Next Five Years
Northern Trust
With below-average returns expected over the next five years, it’s clear that getting asset allocation right will be essential to delivering on the key challenges of our time: achieving
Redefining Success: Placing Flourishing First in the Family Wealth Industry
The Grupp Law Firm
In moving past the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” adage, advisors in the family wealth space are emphasizing the importance of the family’s qualitative capitals