Top 10 Internal Controls to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks in the Family Office
Although malware is predominantly delivered via email, the types of entry points continue to evolve, and many will not be caught by a family office firewall. So, it is crucial to build a first line
Intra-Family Loans
First Republic Private Wealth Management
Parents and grandparents often want to help their children and grandchildren with significant financial goals and challenges: buying a first home, making a financial investment, or starting a new
Should Your Family Office Consider a Group Excess Program?
BKS Partners
Families spend a lifetime building a legacy and tragically, just one lawsuit can place that legacy in jeopardy. Without that critical layer of personal liability insurance, your are at risk.
Family Office Risks: Managing the Impact of Change
Marsh Private Client Services
The complex, convergent nature of risks facing high-net-worth families requires family offices to adopt both a holistic and strategic approach to risk management than many have in the past. The ones
Go Slow to Go Far
The Mutual Trust Pty Ltd
The most successful enterprises, whether they’re companies or families, make a concerted effort to capture and articulate what is at their core. Taking the time to discover what drives you and
A Positive Approach to the Prenuptial Agreement Discussion
Warner Norcross + Judd
Nothing says, “I'm not sure our marriage will last,” like asking your new fiancé for a prenuptial agreement. This situation can be made even more touchy if the parents of the bride or
Users Beware: Personal Conversations Are Not So Personal in Court
Warner Norcross + Judd
Most professionals understand that work emails can be “discovered” in litigation, meaning that adverse parties can obtain these communications if they are relevant to the dispute.
Is Your Family Office Ready for a Cyber Incident?
Warner Norcross + Judd
Family offices and family businesses are frequent targets for cyberattacks because they do not realize their vulnerabilities and often do not have a cybersecurity plan in place. There are six steps
A Guide to Building a More Resilient Home
PURE Insurance
There are many improvements that can be made to a home to help prevent costly and dangerous losses in the future. Many of the recommendations included in this guide cost a sliver of what they
Soar with Private Flight
BMO Family Office
Roughly 15% of ultra-high net worth individuals worldwide rely on private aircraft for most personal and business flights. When weighing your options on aircraft ownership, there are pros and cons