Owner Engagement and Education


Taking the Long-Term View of the Family Enterprise
Family Office Exchange
Revised Nov 2018 Originally Published in 2014 -- As the scope of a business-owning family’s activities expand and the family grows across generations, the organic shift from a business
ABLE Accounts: What They Are and What They Mean for your Family
Schiff Hardin
Individuals with disabilities and their families have many options to set aside funds without jeopardizing eligibility for means-tested government benefits, but most of the options require the person
Women & Wealth
GenSpring | SunTrust Private Wealth
Women continue to make great strides in wealth. However, the general theme in the latest research on women and wealth has revealed that women are still restricted by their own lack of confidence. It
Tax Planning for Education
Education is an expense that impacts many families each year. As the cost of secondary and higher education continue to rise, many families should consider the tax benefits of funding educational
Family Meeting Handbook
BMO Wealth Management – CTC | myCFO
Creativity, patience, tolerance, and “flexibility” are the keys to planning, holding, and advancing Family Meetings. While there are guidelines to help and ideas to utilize, it is
Advice from a Filmmaker On How to Connect with "The Kids" (aka the Rising Gen)
Jamie Yuenger, StoryKeep
The importance of connecting with your children, whether they are ten years old or sixty years old, never diminishes. The investment you make in them comes back ten-fold in the family office setting
Uncomfortable Money Dilemmas: Graceful Ways to Handle Them
When you make more money than your friends, it can set up awkward and uncomfortable money dilemmas. However, there are ways to get around them by having a few good verbal comebacks and a dose of
Legacy Planning and the Elephant in the Room
LHT Consulting Group
Many estate plans can be too boilerplate and do little more than establish what happens with physical assets upon death. They overlook personal sentiments and expressions that could prove to be a
Family Gatherings and Preserving Memories
Darlene Spagnola, Theia Senior Solutions
Stories that are passed down from generation to generation are a way to create a family legacy that will be remembered long after we are gone. These stories are precious in understanding who we are
You Actually Can Afford to Fail (Intelligently)
Ascent Private Capital Management
Failure has long been a product of the entrepreneur, embodied fully by the mantra of the economic juggernaut Silicon Valley—“Fail Often, Fail Fast, Fail Forward.” Some corporations